CE and works council gifts: Two budgets to offer CE gifts

CE gifts: Two possible budgets

There are two budgets for one and the same works council. You should know that the EC budget is made up of two distinct parts: the operating budget and the budget for social works, which each have different vocations. Did you know that you can use both budgets to offer a CE gift and but under certain conditions. The first allows the financing of operating expenses through the image of the company and the second allows all employees to benefit from advantages, attractive discounts and gifts. Also discover the top sales of works council gifts.


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All our CE gifts and communication items are suitable for works councils.

CE gifts with the Budget Social and cultural works

The budget for social and cultural activities enables the works council to finance activities for employees and their families. These activities such as the cinema or amusement parks should benefit all employees without discrimination.

The budget intended for social and cultural works can also be used to reward employees through a CE gift during the various annual events: end-of-year gifts, Easter, Mother's Day….

Works councils have evolved a lot and place greater importance in the choice of gifts for employees.


Today, the trend is towards high-tech gifts:

  • The touch pad,
  • The external hard drive,
  • Connected objects: sports bracelets, connected watches,
  • The HD photo / video domain: Sports camera, GO PRO…

CE gifts with the operating budget

The operating budget is also used to promote the image of the company's works council through personalized objects (logo or advertising message) which will be adapted according to the marketing campaign.

Today, works councils have new ways of conveying a message to their employees. The choice of corporate gift must be precise and judicious in order to convey a dynamic image of the company and to mark the spirits of employees.

The current trend in promotional items varies according to employee expectations:

  • Connected objects: connected bracelets, bluetooth speakers, etc.
  • Small goodies: usb keys, key rings, mobile chargers ...
  • Business gifts: pen boxes, speakers, PC / tablet cases
  • Luxury: touch tablets, digital cameras, laptops

An original personalized employee gift that will last over time!

Discover our entire range in our online catalog of CE gifts, simple and easy to use request a quote online. We will answer you within 48 hours, offer a gift with peace of mind.

With its different marking techniques, Hightech Gifts offers you the possibility of creating your personalization in order to express your message in the most appropriate way. An original personalized employee gift to make people happy. Each technique offers its own advantages with a company logo gift: USB key, touch pad, connected watch or even a sports camera…, certain colors and certain positioning requirements.

Works council gift catalog: Choose the ideal CE gift

Promote the work of its collaborators or employees with a end of year corporate gift has become standard practice for businesses. Depending on their importance in terms of the number of employees, large companies organize celebratory events, especially at the end of the year, to reward their partners. Apart from legal means such as work bonuses, another type of recognition can also be done internally. The families of the employees are invited to a ceremony during which many works council gifts are offered, hence the term CE gift. Indeed, a company must have at least 50 employees to benefit from its privileges.

What CE gift to offer to its employees?

Without its employees, it is impossible to make the company prosperous, because they bring added value that promotes the development of the company. That's why choosing the perfect CE gift is no easy task. You can follow our valuable advice and offer a CE gift precise and remarkable. It is not enough to offer very expensive works of art or paradise trips to the islands to satisfy your partners or employees. In Gifts-Hightech.fr, the recently updated catalog version offers you a range of effective and above all sustainable products.

High tech objects are also unforgettable gifts to mark your employees. Other articles are also available on our selection of best sales corporate gift. Find a variety of promotional items such as CE gift boxes personalized very original and at low prices.

A multiple choice of personal corporate gifts at low prices

The catalog at your disposal presents new CE gift ideas. It all depends on priorities and budget. Among the high tech gifts that you can give, you have smartphones, headphones Bluetooth, connected watches, high definition digital devices, the latest tablets, etc ... On the other hand, if your interest is more on other sections such as Image, Male / Female Beauty or even Offices / business, take your pick from thousands of corporate gifts. There will be something for everyone, + 2000 business gifts.

We favor advertising gadgets, computer objects, a personalized business gift or even high-tech articles to allow each works council to have a wide choice. Our CE gifts are affordable and fit any business budget. Do you want to offer a personalized CE gift? In the Marking section, discover our various advertising printing techniques. Products as varied as they are diverse are in the news and the image of your company is at stake. Rest assured, because our products computer science for example, are not only original CE gifts but also of excellent quality. Not to mention that we practice the lowest prices on the market.


Remarkable CE gifts for works council

The objective of CE gift boxes is to unify teams and improve professional relations. Offering CE gifts to employees at the end of the year is a symbol of loyalty and pride. Not all companies are subject to this tradition. Indeed, it is necessary to have more than 50 employees within the company to be able to benefit from this privilege. What are the real needs of employees and how can you be sure that CE gifts will appeal to those concerned? These are the questions that members of the works council can ask themselves.


Diversified high-quality CE gifts

Do you want to have new innovative ideas that will make your event a total success? Come to Gifts-hightech.fr ! We are specialized in original gifts for works council. A wide range of products is available in our catalog. Technological evolution forces us to be constantly connected. In this regard, our modern high tech products will be adequate to satisfy your desires. Consult our best selling business gifts.

Giving such gifts to the families of employees is a very strong message that you are sending. Apart from classic gifts, change the game by enhancing your event. Our products are only limited to high tech objects, you can also opt for personalized products through our section top corporate gift boxes.

Practical and durable CE gifts at competitive prices

We are communication specialists and know exactly what will best suit your wishes. That's why our CE gift ideas are right for you. The prices are unbeatable and the products offered are of good quality. Tablets, sports watches, digital devices are essential for our daily lives. You therefore have a wide choice of the many products we offer.

Just click and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The CE gift section offers various items that might interest you. If you are short of ideas for business gifts, our bestsellers section allows you to get to the point and save time, because you will find our best-selling flagship products in other CEs. Finally, please your employees or business partners by offering CE gifts.

Unique and personalized CE gift ideas at Cadeaux Hightech

The works council holds an important place. The CE gifts purchased with the operating budget of the works council constitute a real strategic asset. Gifts-hightech.fr always understood it. This is why we offer you a list of diversified products that can meet your expectations. You will have the choice between promotional gifts, Goodies, company gift vouchers, connected objects and luxury gifts to please your employees and their families. Consider offering them a personalized business gift in the form of a Christmas employee gift. Are you lacking inspiration? Discover our personalized gift ideas for works councils.

The CE gift, an unforgettable corporate gift

Hightech Gifts is well known for being the specialist in business gifts, corporate gifts and CE gift personalized. We provide a wide range of high-tech products, goodies and advertising items for companies or works councils. Thanks to a special budget allocated for the company's social activities, you will be able to finance works council gifts. You will thus benefit from thousands of gifts at reduced prices. Our CE gifts are unique and 100 customizable %. Just add your company logo or a message, and you will be sure to reach your target. Do not hesitate any longer, reward your employees, retain your professional partners with a personalized CE gift. Treat yourself to our works council gift catalog. More than 2000 personalized gifts are listed there.

A gift to thank each employee of your company

Finding a good CE gift idea, an original and customizable CE gift, a gift to thank an employee is not always that easy. But thanks to High Tech Gifts, everything can become child's play thanks to best sales customer gift. Stand out by turning to high-tech CE gifts, which will be especially suitable for those who are keen on new technologies. Like all businesses, use your CE budget to fund your order for personalized CE gifts. Consider offering good gifts, unusual gifts. How about a geek gift?

Whether it is a Christmas employee gift or a company end-of-year gift, the gift to thank an employee must create an effect of surprise. Wanting to be personal and original, it will be chosen according to the taste of its recipient. When he sees it, he will understand that your choice of CE gift custom was well thought out. You will find in our gift catalog works council various original CE gifts: mug, lighter, cushion, mouse pad, pocket mirror, jewelry box, USB accessories ...

CE gifts, very effective gifts

This company, reward your employees with a personalized CE gift. Your gesture will prove to them your gratitude and your respect towards them. To this end, we invite you to discover our selection of best selling CE gift. Our works council gifts catalog contains countless personalized corporate gifts. They will undoubtedly make the difference when it comes to distribution by works councils. We remain at your service to advise and guide you so that your choice can satisfy your employees, collaborators and customers. Once your choice is fixed, order your works council gifts and employee gifts. Remember that a CE gift should be unique, innovative, yet useful and lasting will easily reach the recipient.

CE gifts for all budgets

In Gifts-hightech.fr, you will find all kinds of customizable and trendy CE gifts. From small USB gadgets to company committee gift boxes, including corporate goodies, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets. We allow you to freely personalize the CE gifts you have chosen by marking them with your company logo, a personalized message or a slogan. Our responsive team is at your disposal to advise you on the cheap company committee gift, to offer to your professional entourage.

At the service of companies, works councils and communities

Do you want to thank your employees or reward your professional partners? We offer a wide range of gifts for works councils. This will be an opportunity to offer small gifts, original gifts that will create surprise and mark the spirits. Among our offers, you will find a CE gift box for men and for women, pen and watch sets, pen holders, knife boxes… But even more, gourmet boxes, filled baskets, chocolates… With a single click, order the CE gifts that your company needs. We will meet your needs for advice, personalization and delivery. Whether you opt for small or large orders, know that our stock is available immediately.

The ideal works council gift

More and more companies are starting to promote their employees or collaborators by offering them a unique company committee gift. The holiday season is a great time to give CE gifts. As such, employees and their families are invited to a celebration. It's time to give them a little corporate gift which will make them happy.

An original and customizable employee gift

Take a look in our gift catalog works council and discover our range of CE gifts and employee gifts. Each gift is original, easy to use and customizable. Our different marking techniques will allow us to personalize all corporate gifts more effectively and in the best possible way. USB gadget, sports camera, connected watch, touch pad, hard drive… Make your choice according to the tastes of your employees and collaborators, but also to your budget this company. In any case, you will make people happy with your personalized CE gifts. Do not hesitate to send your quote request online. Reagents, we will get back to you within 48 hours

The CE gift to offer to its employees

Your employees are key elements of your business. They are the means that make your business prosperous, by bringing added value and contributing to the development of the business. This is why choosing the right gift to thank the ideal employee is quite tricky. This approach must be well thought out to avoid many inconveniences and disappointments. Also, satisfy your employees and business partners with the best selling CE gift, remarkable employee gifts. Our high-tech objects will make personalized and unforgettable CE gifts, which will mark their spirits for a long time. Personalized goodies as well as promotional items will also do the trick. In short, you will have all the latitude to choose from a range of customizable products offered at very reasonable prices.

A multiple choice of CE gifts at low prices

Personalized employee gift ideas, that's what presents you Gifts-hightech.fr in its online catalog. Among the high-tech CE gifts we offer you, we have connected watches, bluetooth headphones, high definition digital devices, touch pads, smartphones, laptops, etc. You can also find office supplies from over 2000 corporate gifts and business gifts. In addition to high-tech items, we also highlight advertising gadgets, corporate goodies, luxury customer gifts. If you want personalized CE gifts, we can accommodate your request. We can personalize the products thanks to our different marking techniques, printing on object. Rest assured, however, personalized CE gifts are very affordable. They are suitable for all business budgets.

Remarkable CE gifts for works council

In general, CE gifts are offered during the year-end period for a end of year gift company that will satisfy your partners. This approach has a strong symbolism. Indeed, the objective of the company committee gift is to improve professional relations and unite the teams. For managers and works councils, it is a question of thanking employees and collaborators for their involvement in the development and proper functioning of the company. This gesture proves how much the business manager appreciates his employees, that the company works council wants to motivate its employees. But not all businesses are subject to this tradition of gifting this business. Only companies with more than 50 employees are concerned. But before deciding on the ideal employee gifts, the members of a works council must ask themselves certain questions about the real needs of the employees, about their tastes. This is how they can be sure that CE gifts will appeal to those concerned.

A variety of high quality CE gifts

You haven't found a corporate committee gift idea yet? Offer an unforgettable experience to your employees and collaborators. Consider giving beautiful, high quality CE gifts. Take a tour of Hightech.fr Gifts, the specialist in personalized CE gifts, original employee gifts and personalized business gifts. Thanks to best selling CE gift, you will find innovative ideas and our corporate committee gift ideas, you will make your corporate event, your end-of-year party a total success. High-tech gadgets, telescopic selfie poles, office supplies, audio accessories, games… All the products we have in our catalog will satisfy all tastes. In addition to high-tech items, also opt for a company committee gift box. Section wine box and champagne is also to be exploited. Through these CE gifts, you will convey a very strong message.

CE gifts: gifts for works councils

Ensure the well-being of the employees of its company, this is a mission of the works council. It is really important that employees are encouraged, motivated and even thanked for their efforts. To this extent, the works councils carry out several social actions. Offering gifts, works council gifts, is one of those actions that everyone seems to particularly appreciate.

There are many occasions for giving a gift:

- for the launch of a product,

- during a meeting, a seminar, an evening,

- at the start of the school year to motivate the teams,

- at the end of the year, during the Christmas period.

CE gifts are intended for employees and their families. It is therefore important to choose the gifts to offer, taking into account many factors: price, usefulness, interest, originality, the message conveyed.

During the Christmas period, consider offering a CE gift box or gourmet baskets. These CE gifts will be highly appreciated. Of course, offering quality gifts is essential. In case of budget restriction, it is better to give a nice gift to really please, rather than offering low quality products. To be trendy, give a high-tech gift. Among the trendy products, you with the backup battery for smartphone, the Powerbank, the bluetooth speaker, the advertising usb key, the sound amplifier, the touch pad or even the sports camera. To please the whole family, useful everyday household appliances will do the trick: espresso machine, raclette machine, plancha, unicorn hot water bottle ... In any case, discover in our catalog all kinds of works council objects suitable for all tastes and budgets. To make works council gifts more effective, personalize them with a slogan or logo. This will give you wonderful personalized CE gifts.

Gift certificates, the timeless CE gift

The company gift voucher is an advantageous option offered by employers or works councils to motivate employees. Very acclaimed, it makes an ideal CE gift. In addition to giving purchasing power to employees, it allows the company to benefit from exemption from social charges.

Gift vouchers are benefits in kind granted by the management of a company or the works council. These are several checks for a determined amount, purchased by the company or the works council. To offer as a works council gift or a Christmas employee gift, they are exchanged for services or products from a network of shops. Taking the form of vouchers, the gift certificate can be used like all other means of payment. Its value may vary. It should be noted that all salaried personnel (former, trainees and managers) benefit from the same rights and can be awarded a gift voucher. Consult the best sales corporate gift in our online catalog.

As this company, you want to offer gift certificates to the employees of your company. You will have the choice between the maxicheque and thematic gift vouchers. This is what we offer at Gifts-hightech.fr. Thanks to our gift vouchers, your employees and partners will be able to buy trendy and fashionable products such as USB gadgets, high-tech office supplies or even gift boxes. These personalized CE gifts will be a huge treat.

Whether you own a small, medium or very small business, the gift voucher is the most economical solution in terms of CE gifts. In addition to motivating and retaining your employees, it will serve as a gift to thank employees.

Unique CE gifts

From the smallest inexpensive corporate gift to luxury business gift, including original corporate gift and unusual, you will surely find something to please in our works council gift catalog. Each CE gift must be the little touch that will surprise, the rare pearl that matches the personality or the taste of the recipient of the gift, or the unusual gift that will give enormous pleasure. Yes, the perfect gift! So, above all, a personalized CE gift should be something surprising, even if it doesn't cost you a lot.

CE gifts to satisfy you

Thanks to technological advances, works councils are now transmitting messages to their employees in a more unusual and modern way. Through personalized advertising objects and gadgets, original works council gifts, unique CE kdo. By choosing the right one Corporate goodies, you will mark the spirits of your collaborators. Make them happy, meet their expectations with our business gifts trend.

As a works council, let your employees benefit from our various works council gift offers. Our CE gifts will necessarily suit all tastes. Quickly request a personalized quote before placing your order. No matter how many personalized CE gifts you order, we will deliver them. Our delivery service is available throughout France!

Reward your employees with a personal employee gift

Your employees work long hours every day for a year. However, they happen a few times that your employees lose their momentum. What to do to motivate your employees again? To maintain the motivation of your employees, you simply have to recognize the contribution of your employees in your company. Appreciate your employees as they should. Without a man, no project or sale and even less business. Recognizing the value of your employees has become a common habit and a nice gesture. You can thank your employees by giving them a decent salary adapted to their aptitudes, a few days of extra leave and vacation and regular words of encouragement, but that is not enough. In the last few years, companies have opted for an even more effective idea, to offer an employee gift to their employees. Emphasize your employees' extraordinary work and years of service by offering them a customizable employee gift.

Celebrate the transfer of one of your employees or their promotion by offering them an employee gift personalize.

High Tech Gifts offers a range of connected devices, household appliances and employee gift boxes. A transfer or a promotion are not the only reasons that push an employer to offer an employee gift to an employee. You can also offer an employee gift to your employees to celebrate a happy event in their lives such as the birth of a child, the marriage of one of your employees or the departure of an employee from your company. Special holidays like Christmas, Easter or the New Year are also great reasons to give an employee gift. So many holidays to celebrate and so many gifts to offer but what to offer? Running out of ideas? Let our experts at Hightech Gifts help you and offer you our different employee gift options to customize and make just for you. In our employee gift brochures, you will find a CE docking station gift box, a PC bag business gift box or an MP3 player company gift box. Would you like your employees to feel a sense of appreciation for your company? So give your employees an employee gift that really pleases you to successfully create the desired feeling. What is certain is that finding the perfect employee gift can be a difficult task. You can then let your employees choose their employee gift themselves which avoids giving an unwanted employee gift.

The Hightech Gifts site offers more than 2000 employee gifts, CE gifts and business gifts. To be sure to please your employees, order a personalized 100% employee gift. Put your logo and the first name of the employee to whom you are going to offer this employee gift. Do not hesitate to take a look in our brochure or to contact one of our experts to help you in your choice of corporate gift.