A corporate gift, intended to build a lasting and privileged relationship with your partners, must convey a targeted and powerful message.

Enhance your image with bluetooth headsets and kits

Do you want to consolidate your professional links by offering a striking CE gift? Think about our Bluetooth headsets and kits, among all the products in the section Telephony / Connected an original customer gift idea, allowing you to stand out. Our Bluetooth headsets and kits to offer as corporate gifts or CE gifts will move the spoiled while enhancing your brand image.

Bluetooth headsets and kits: corporate goodies

This kind of business goodies or CE gifts, both modern and useful, will give your company the image of being dynamic and open to innovations. On this page we offer an extensive catalog of branded Bluetooth headsets and kits, available online at unbeatable prices.

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The wireless earpiece, a goodie to enhance your image on Hightech Gifts

Are you looking for an inexpensive CE gift, a technologically advanced corporate gift? Think of the wireless earphone. By offering an advertising wireless earpiece or a personalized wireless earpiece to your business partners and customers, you have the opportunity to enhance your image while transmitting a targeted message. It will be a way to consolidate your professional relationships. This original customer gift idea will also set you apart from the competition because it will certainly move its recipients. Discover a wide range of wireless headphones, sport wireless headphones, inexpensive wireless headphones, personalized bluetooth headset, bluetooth car kit, bluetooth pedestrian kit in the Telephony / Connected section of Hightech Gifts, wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler.

Discover the wireless earpiece

The launch of Apple's AirPods in 2017 kicked off the success of wireless or true wireless headphones. These wireless bluetooth headphones are the latest trend in the world of audio. Having become essential, these wireless bluetooth earphones now appeal to all audio equipment manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, JBL, Jabra, Sennheiser… The wireless earphone is constantly evolving, always offering new features. Today, it is available in a sports version, in-ear, with integrated voice assistant, with active noise reduction, or even waterproof. Wireless communication via bluetooth is the engine of the wireless earphone. The manufacturers have agreed to use the term "true wireless" to denote the wireless earpiece, the sport wireless earpiece, the personalized bluetooth headset, the advertising wireless earpiece. A transport case accompanies the TWS earphone and allows it to be charged.

The different wireless earphone formats

Wireless headphones are available in three different formats: - The button earphone: this is the most universal model in terms of comfort. This wireless earpiece nestles in the hollow of the pinna, without blocking the entrance to the ear canal. - the in-ear earpiece: this wireless earpiece is inserted into the entrance to the ear canal. This allows it to offer passive sound insulation and better audio performance (low frequencies). The wireless earpiece comes with different sized ear tips. - the semi-in-ear earphone: being between the first and the third format, it is rare for manufacturers to choose it. You will find these different wireless earphone formats from your wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler.

The isolation level of wireless headphones

The isolation level of the wireless earpiece depends on its format. In-ear headphones provide very little isolation from surrounding noise. In contrast, in-ear headphones offer very significant passive isolation. This can cut off the user from their sound environment. Active noise canceling headphones further isolate noise disturbance. This type of TWS earphone offers better sound immersion, without having to turn up the volume of the music. Conversely, the wireless earphones, advertising wireless earphones, sports wireless earphones with transparency mode help the user to reconnect with the outside world.

The autonomy of wireless headphones

The wireless headset has experienced a notable evolution in terms of autonomy for almost 20 years. The first models offered 4 hours of autonomy per charge. Other models today offer 5 to 10 hours of autonomy per charge. Wireless earphone carrying cases are also used to charge TWS earphones. Usually they charge the battery of the headphones 2 to 4 times.

Wireless headphones, personalized business goodies

Your employees, your customers like to listen to music in public transport or in the street, in complete freedom. Offer them wireless or true wireless earphones. Both useful and modern, this CE gift, this company goodies, allows you to give a more dynamic and innovative image to your company, your association. Hightech Gifts, your wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler, offers a whole catalog of wireless earphones, sport wireless earphones, wireless bluetooth earphones, personalized wireless earphones, wireless earphones advertising, personalized bluetooth headset and branded Bluetooth kits at unbeatable prices. To enjoy optimal comfort throughout the day, opt for a Jabra Mini bluetooth pedestrian kit. This ergonomic mono bluetooth pedestrian kit has high definition audio quality. To properly adjust the port of your wireless bluetooth headphones, opt for EarGels. If you prefer a cheap bluetooth headset, opt for a Baseus microphone bluetooth headset, an Urbanista Bo stereo bluetooth headset, or even an original Nokia bluetooth headset. In short, cheap wireless earphones!

How to choose your wireless bluetooth earpiece

Before offering a wireless earpiece, a wireless bluetooth earpiece to your business relationships, ask yourself questions to properly illuminate your lanterns. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they really prefer? Do they still want to use big headphones? Or do they want to get rid of tangled cables and use cheap wireless headphones? Why wireless bluetooth earphones? Most wireless bluetooth headphones are in-ear models that are completely wireless. They work in the same way as all bluetooth mobile devices, offering great freedom of movement. The wireless earpiece generally has good battery life, and sometimes even active noise reduction. The true wireless earpiece has been specially designed for nomads and athletes who want more practical and lighter accessories, which do not interfere with their sporting activity.

Wireless headphones, for what use?

Wireless headphones are very interesting in that they are versatile. These true wireless headphones are suitable for all types of environment, whether it is public transport, gyms or even offices. Without a doubt, wireless bluetooth earphones offer greater freedom of movement, and that's what users really appreciate. Some wireless sports headphones are sweat proof. The best audio signature Like the bluetooth headset or kit, the wireless bluetooth headset, the personalized wireless headset broadcasts a unique sound, an audio signature all its own. While some models rely on treble or bass, other headphones offer a more balanced sound. Choosing the right wireless headset will depend on the style of music you are listening to. A more balanced signature is recommended for classical music, while powerful bass is needed for Electro or Hip-Hop.

Two essential bluetooth headphones

Your wireless earphone supplier brings you two of the best brands of wireless earphones that music lovers are snapping up. 1 / The Apple AirPods Pro are considered the best wireless bluetooth headphones on the market. Regarding the Pro version of the AirPods, these wireless earphones have many features: in-ear, sweat-proof, excellent phonic comfort, high-quality sound reproduction (with powerful bass), high-performance active noise reduction and average autonomy. Their case allows them to be recharged by induction. This wireless bluetooth accessory is intended for Android and iOS users.

2 / The Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones are also among the wireless devices with excellent audio quality. With an elegant design, these wireless bluetooth earphones offer good comfort, low latency, refined audio quality (with powerful bass), reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection, refined audio quality (with powerful bass), 6 hours of battery life and impressive active noise reduction. Wireless earphones charge via USB-C. The only catch is that they are not sweat proof.

The best brands of cheap wireless headphones

Everyone can find a brand of headphones adapted to their desires. A multitude of brands offer inexpensive wireless headphones that are easy to get lost. These headphones are alternatives to traditional headphones and old headphones. These connected accessories are ultra-compact and are 100 % wireless. They offer a very good quality / size ratio. Now, Bose, Samsung, Jabra or Sony are among the brands that use wireless technology for their bluetooth headphones, personalized wireless headphones.

The inexpensive wireless earphone, the future of audio

For many manufacturers, the future of audio is wireless. Technological advances (bluetooth protocol included) help many manufacturers to reach very satisfactory levels of reliability and quality for their audio equipment. From now on, with the AptX HD and LDAC codecs, it is possible to obtain bluetooth headset kit, personalized wireless earpiece, cheap wireless earpiece with Hi-Res audio stream. And this is how the earphones shied away from their thread and the famous true wireless, wireless earphone or wireless bluetooth earphone were born. Despite the technology they come with, many of these wireless headphones are offered at very attractive prices. Hence the concept of the cheap wireless earpiece.

The best cheap wireless headphones

We offer below two inexpensive wireless earphones, two quality personalized wireless earphones that will make you happy. 1 / Anker Soundcore Liberty Air: this model of wireless earphone is offered at a reasonable price. With sound almost identical to that of Apple AirPods, IPX5 waterproofing for athletes, a reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection (with acceptable level of latency), almost 5 hours of satisfactory battery life and more. The True Wireless earpiece offers a great feeling of freedom. 2 / Soundcore Liberty Air is also one of the wireless headphones suitable for small budgets. Adopting an in-ear design, these wireless bluetooth earphones offer great performance when making calls, great sound quality, IPX5 waterproofing, 5 hours of battery life. Don't want to break the bank? This wireless headset is for you.

The sport wireless earpiece, a practical and fun accessory

Wireless earphones (true wireless) are the allies of choice for athletes. The bluetooth headset and wireless sports earpiece in particular fit well in the ear and are resistant to sweat and rain. IPX4, 5, 6 or more certified bluetooth headsets are the most advisable if you play sports. Models certified up to IPX8 are submersible. Being a wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler of reference in high-tech leisure equipment, we offer different types of sport wireless earphones, cheap wireless earphones, suitable for the practice of sport in general , and to running in particular.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t, the best wireless sports earphone

This model of sport wireless earphone is a safe bet. It is comfortable to wear and holds well in place. IPX5 certified, it is recommended for runners. This version is one of the best true wireless earbuds, wireless bluetooth earphone with high quality sound, excellent hands-free mode, reworked design, perfect ergonomics, bluetooth 5.0 connection and imperceptible latency.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro, the best earphone for iPhone

Its many features are the strength of Apple's Powerbeats Pro. Indeed, this wireless sport earphone offers a very rich sound, excellent autonomy, an ergonomic design, a robust wireless connection, Siri in passive listening, talking music control keys. Although the model is not IP certified, it exhibits resistance to sweat. AfterShokz Trekz Air, bone conduction headphones This is a wireless earphone, bone conduction wireless headphones. This technology consists of delivering sound directly to the ear through the cheekbones and bones of the skull. The great advantage of this wireless audio device is that its open design allows the user to hear everything that is going on around, while listening to music or chatting on the phone. This wireless bluetooth earphone is designed for runners.

A benchmark wireless earphone wholesaler

We are a benchmark in wireless audio accessories and high-tech leisure equipment. As a wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler, we offer trendy products, wireless earphones supplied in their charging case. Now, you no longer need to bother with wires to listen to your favorite music. All you need is a bluetooth connection. Discover our various wireless earphones, wireless bluetooth earphones, cheap wireless earphones offered at wholesale prices as soon as you order in large quantities.

A recognized wireless earphone supplier

Wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler, we provide you with all kinds of wireless earphones suitable for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Samsung headset 7, Jabra headsets, Plantronics bluetooth headsets, Supertooth headset, Samsung multipoint headsets, sport wave bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth hands-free kit… Our quality products come from reliable suppliers. Let us know what you want, we will direct you to the appropriate wireless earphone, the cheap wireless earphone. A wireless advertising earpiece to enhance your image Looking for an exceptional promotional item? Discover our customizable advertising wireless earphones. Choose from reference audio devices from an experienced wireless earphone supplier / wholesaler. Thanks to our selection of customizable connected products, high-tech accessories, advertising goodies, bluetooth headset, sport wireless earpiece, advertising wireless earpiece, cheap wireless earpiece, you will have the possibility of spoil co-workers, your customers and your prospects. Our wireless headphones will accompany them everywhere: at work, on public transport, at the gym. True high-tech jewels, our connected headphones will bring dynamism to your communication!

Personalized wireless earphones for your visibility

We have selected for you the best wireless headphones, wireless earphones, wireless bluetooth earphones, personalized bluetooth earphones and wireless earphones, advertising wireless earphones to boost your brand. In a few clicks, choose the pairs of wireless headphones that are likely to surprise your business relationships. Then select the marking technique that suits you best or that is suited to the trendy high-tech accessory. After marking the audio equipment, you will have wireless headphones personalized with your logo or your slogan. This marking will make your brand more visible!

Bluetooth headphones for everyone

Giving a bluetooth headset to your employees or customers is a great way to thank them. Discreet and very useful, bluetooth headphones are the corporate gift, the trendy personalized business gift. Without a doubt, you will make people happy with these personalized connected goodies, these personalized wireless headphones. Quickly discover our Parrot hands-free kits (hands-free car kits), Plantronics bluetooth headsets, Jabra bluetooth headsets, wireless bluetooth headsets, wireless earphones, wireless bluetooth earphones, advertising wireless earphones, bluetooth hands-free kits. No doubt, you will make an impression by offering this personalized goodies with your logo or your brand. A personalized bluetooth headset is a popular promotional gift. In order for the gift to really have the desired effect, it should be branded with your company logo. Whether you have an Android smartphone, a Windows Phone or an iPhone, you will find the bluetooth headset to personalize or the advertising bluetooth headset kit compatible with your phone.

The bluetooth car kit, the ideal accessory for motorists

Everyone knows that driving and calling are two incompatible actions. To be able to reconcile the two, the use of a bluetooth car kit or a hands-free car kit is recommended. This technology reduces the risk of accidents. For your satisfaction, we provide you with personalized bluetooth car kits, such as the SuperTooth Buddy bluetooth car kit, the Parrot Minikit bluetooth car kit, the Belkin F4U037AirCast bluetooth car kit, the plantronics headset or the Jabra Tour bluetooth car kit. . To discover from a renowned wireless earphone supplier and wireless earphone wholesaler.

The plantronics headset, a very trendy headset

To give your business a more dynamic and cool image, consider offering cutting-edge accessories to your employees or customers. Opt for the Plantronics Voyager Legend headset. The Plantronics headset is a headset that provides hands-free solutions for mobile communications. This bluetooth headset kit provides quality sound and great listening comfort. As it is a smart bluetooth headset, it is equipped with sensors, to the delight of professionals. The Plantronics headset incorporates: - Smart Sensor ™ technology, allowing you to take a call by placing the headset to your ear; - the Deep Sleep function, offering 11 days of standby time; - 3 noise-canceling microphones. The plantronics headset can be paired with multiple smartphones simultaneously. The wireless bluetooth earphone comes with a USB charger, an AC charger and a cigarette lighter adapter.

Bluetooth hands-free kits for all tastes

Although the cell phone is essential in everyday life, using it can be complicated for anyone who drives. In fact, it is forbidden to make telephone calls while driving. This is why the manufacturers of electronic equipment have created the bluetooth car kit. This bluetooth hands-free car kit allows motorists to drive freely, while having the ability to answer calls. It is important to choose this motorist accessory, this wireless bluetooth earpiece so that it can fulfill its functions and be perfectly suited to your needs. We bring you the top 3 best bluetooth hands-free kits of the year. - The Aigital bluetooth hands-free kit, the best of the year: with its automatic ignition by sensor, its high-end sound quality, and its 20 hours of autonomy, it is the bluetooth hands-free kit, the wireless earpiece you need. - The Besign BK02 Bluetooth 4.1 hands-free kit with the best quality / price ratio: it is a minimalist and versatile bluetooth hands-free kit, with a very refined design, the inexpensive wireless earpiece. In addition to its many features, this bluetooth car kit offers 15 - Avantree 10BP Multipoint, the cheap bluetooth headset: this bluetooth car kit meets the needs of car owners with its elegant and sober design, its many functions, its 22h autonomy and its price extremely. It is possible to synchronize the wireless bluetooth earpiece with two smartphones simultaneously.