A corporate gift box with a high-tech speaker

Our high-tech corporate speaker gift box is a box that contains several surprises. It includes a speaker, which can accommodate a touch pad to read and record digital data during meetings. In addition, this speaker comes with a classic notepad to also allow your employees to take notes. The other gift in the box is an electronic desk clock with several features. You can even print your company logo on the clock. To complete this personalized corporate gift box, there is also a greeting card and a Nordic Kraft bag in white color. This useful and charming corporate gift box is sure to be a hit with your employees.

A laptop computer business business gift box

This set contains a touch screen tablet which is a tool both useful for work and also for pleasure. This box is a good way to strengthen and maintain your relationships with your employees. Nowadays, an employee moves a lot. So why not give him a gift that will allow him to stay connected and work from anywhere. This 7-inch Android 7.0 touchscreen electronic tablet will allow your employees to consult their emails and edit documents even on the move. In addition, they will be able to watch videos, take photos and listen to music. This corporate gift box also contains a beautiful greeting card and a smooth black kraft paper bag. It is possible to personalize this box by putting a message or by printing your logo.

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Offer a corporate gift box

To thank your employees, we offer several boxes of very original Goodies. Nothing will please your employees more than a corporate gift box with trendy and useful goodies. These are great products that will maximize your brand's visibility. At Hightech Gifts, we offer gift boxes with useful goodies, such as umbrellas, USB keys, mugs, clocks etc. We also offer high-tech items such as headphones, earphones, digital stations, among others. To awaken the taste buds of your employees, some boxes contain chocolate, foie gras and bottles of wine. Discover our many gift boxes with promotional items at Cadeau HighTech to please your employees but also to make your brand more visible.

A gift box advertising object cap

This corporate gift box contains a baseball cap, a silver insulated mug, a professional green greeting card and a bottle of champagne from the famous Maison Thierry Massin. The cap will protect your employees while they practice their favorite sport. The insulated mug with a plastic interior and a stainless steel exterior has a screw-on lid. The Cuvée Prestige de champagne brut is also part of this sublime company box. It is a luxury gift that your employees will not immediately forget. The green greeting card will allow you to write a note to your employees to thank them. This card will add an elegant touch to this corporate gift box. Everything will be offered in a black pouch with a bow. A summer promotional gift box Discover luxury products in this corporate gift box that will dazzle your employees. The first gift in this box is a silver-gray aluminum gourd. It is equipped with a plastic cover with a filling capacity of 400 ml. It's a gift that will keep your employees in good shape. This sublime corporate gift box also includes a Weiss chocolate bar. This white chocolate mixed with lemon will certainly seduce your employees. In addition to that, the box contains a bottle of rosé champagne from Lacourte. To complete the corporate gift box, there is a black and white greeting card to express your gratitude to your employees. Everything is presented in a gift bag, made of bedtime paper with an adhesive closure.

Offer a connected object business gift box

To show your gratitude to your employees, why not offer them an out of the ordinary corporate gift box. Today, everyone is always connected through very practical high-tech gadgets. At HighTech Gifts, we offer a variety of business gift boxes with connected objects but also other little wonders. Surprise your employees with: selfie sticks, Bluetooth kits, Bluetooth speakers, armbands for smartphones, virtual reality headsets etc. Of course, the company gift boxes will be accompanied by other high-end gifts such as watches, bottles of wine, bottles of champagne as well as duck terrines with smoked magret. To complete your boxes, you can add greeting cards. We obviously offer gift bags and baskets to embellish your boxes.

A corporate gift box for audio connected objects

This audio connected object box is one of our many connected object boxes that we offer. This luxurious corporate gift box is perfect for retaining your employees. This is an excellent choice, to thank them for contributing to the great success of your business. This box includes a wireless headset and a USB key. We can even personalize them with your company logo or a little message. To this box, are added a bottle of wine and a greeting card, all presented in a gift bag. Look no further, this luxurious corporate gift box will please your employees. Personalized gifts are always preferred for a special occasion. Do not hesitate to contact HighTech Gifts.

A design connected objects gift box

This business gift box contains high-end connected objects. We suggest this box that you can personalize and offer to your employees. We have carefully chosen the articles so that the recipients are happy. This box contains a superb car phone holder to be fixed on the grid. Obviously, it is an adjustable model that adapts to all types of cell phone. In this box there is also a very colorful greeting card. You will put everything in a white kraft paper gift basket with Nordic patterns. At HighTech gifts, we can personalize each gift. We can put your logo on the phone holder or even put a message on the greeting card. This is a great business gift box with premium gifts at a very affordable price. Indulge your employees while enjoying the best value for money.

Offer a multimedia business gift box

At Hightech Gifts, we have already pre-selected high-end products for your business gift boxes. Do you want to amaze your employees? Do not search anymore. We with our range of prestigious and effective gift boxes you will find what you are looking for. Our selection of multimedia business gift boxes contains many surprises. The boxes contain treats for the taste buds such as jars of jams, jars of grilled zucchini and also bottles of champagne and bottles of wine. Also find very useful multimedia accessories such as: tablets, USB key, connected bracelets, external hard drives, wall mounts for smartphones among others. With the digital age, these high-end gadgets will bring great pleasure to your employees. In addition, to complete the box there are greeting cards and gift bags. Everything is customizable, according to your request.

A multimedia sports camera gift box

This corporate gift box stands out for its diversity. Indeed, this box mixes gluttony and technology. This box will please both gadget lovers but also gourmets. The first so special gift box is a high definition sports camera. This device will allow the user to take pictures underwater, on a motorcycle etc. It is the perfect tool to capture unique and sensational moments. This box also includes a jar of fig confit. Note that these are very delicious purple figs and very rich in taste. Finally, to this corporate gift box is added a greeting card. According to your request we can personalize the card. Everything will be packed in a designer bag. At Cadeau Hightech, we have combined the best products to make a gift box that will impress your employees.

A 504 GB hard drive multimedia gift box

Among our selection of multimedia business gift boxes, here is a very useful box. This corporate gift box contains a 500 GB external hard drive and a 4 GB USB stick. The 500 GB external hard drive is mainly used to back up important and large data. The 4 GB USB key is very useful for carrying data anywhere. A gift of this kind will be greatly appreciated by your employees. In addition, they will be able to use them for work but also to store personal data. If you want, we can also customize the gadgets by putting your logo on them. This business gift box doesn't just stop with storage devices. Also find a bottle of Chardonnay 2017 produced by the Héritiers du Sud. Ideal to accompany a good dish. To complete this box, there is a greeting card and everything put in a very luxurious black bag. It is certainly a gift box that your employees will remember for a long time.