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Corporate gift France

For your special events, or for the end-of-year celebrations, you offer corporate gifts France to your business partners: customers, suppliers, employees... A gesture that is often effective in maintaining better business relations.

Choose your corporate gift from the city of your choice.

Because the relationship you have with your customers and employees is precious, we offer corporate gifts in all French cities.

Offer a promotional corporate gift made in France

Offer a corporate gift In the field of communication, offering a personalised corporate gift with your logo, a message or an image allows you to directly convey your advertising through the corporate gift.

The attractiveness and impact of the corporate gift is easily identifiable in the fact that it is the only form of advertising where the target group will thank you directly for the advertising message because they have received a gift at the same time.

A corporate gift that shows your corporate values

Conveying a good image of your company is essential in today's market. Company employees see their work capacity and efficiency increase by 30 % in a company they are proud to belong to and this is achieved through company values and corporate gifts and other promotional items.

The advantages of corporate gifts

  • Corporate gifts are a means of communication to perpetuate your business relationships
  • Retain your customers
  • Giving customer gifts solidifies your relationship with your customers and helps them retain long-term loyalty
  • Have a presence with your employees
  • A real promotional item, the French corporate gift has several positive aspects. First of all, it allows you to reward your employees, customers and prospects while advertising your company.

An advertising corporate gift

While most corporate Christmas gifts carry a message, it is difficult to tell the difference from other gifts received.

You will attract the attention of your prospects through end of year corporate gifts throughout the year. This solution is reliable and represents a low financial cost, opt for corporate gifts that convey your company values, for example technological gifts if you work in the IT field, personalised fashion accessories for those who work in the ready-to-wear sector. Offering a wine accessory that represents more than just a bottle will ensure that the presence of the person who gave the gift will be long-lasting and recurrent.

Nowadays consumable items are still widely used as CE gifts France but there are other more effective ways to communicate.

Because with consumable gifts you will quickly be forgotten because they will be consumed quickly.

An ecological corporate gift from France

A corporate gift France that respects the environment ensures a good image of the company that offers it because beyond its daily efforts to respect the environment, the company is also committed to offering gifts that respect the planet.

Whatever the nature of the advertising operation, it is essential to respect the right mix of corporate gifts:

  • ¼ product
  • ¼ message
  • ¼ situation
  • ¼ of originality

Respecting this recipe will always ensure that companies stand out among their competitors by receiving the guarantees that they will not have in classic mass advertising: provoking a smile and getting a thank you generates a dialogue and allows to measure the results immediately.

A corporate gift in France at the best price offers you a multitude of corporate gifts with the best prices on the market of business gifts.

Whatever your budget for your advertising campaign or simply for your corporate gifts end of year, you will find the end of year corporate gift idea here.

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Discover without further delay our best selling corporate gift Cheap France:

  1. A touchscreen tablet
  2. An external drive
  3. A bluetooth speaker
  4. A personalized notepad
  5. A USB key
  6. A corporate gift box
  7. A bottle of wine
  8. A keyring
  9. An advertising pen
  10. Gourmet basket

Original corporate gifts France

Yes, he or she deserves the best corporate gift, it's always hard to find the right one original corporate gift for your employees, discover a selection of corporate gifts from France in which you will inevitably find what will make them happy!
Yes, here is our selection of corporate gift ideas for your employees! Our corporate gifts are not classic but original!
Get ready to find the surprise that will make your customers smile even beyond their ears!

The best corporate gift ideas France 2019

Authentic corporate gifts, customer gift umbrella, corporate gift box France, Top of corporate gift boxes. Discover our selection of corporate gifts.
Our list is constantly updated to develop and maintain your business relationships. Offer gifts that combine the useful with the pleasant!

Customer end of year business gift

Our end of year corporate gifts: Often it's a man or a woman that we want to thank more than a business through personalized business gift to boost your communication!
At your trade fairs, conferences, advertising items are essential to ensure the success of your brand.
This is a corporate gift customizable quality advertising with personalized engraving!

A corporate gift box France

Opt for a corporate gift box France which will be envied by your competitors. The perfect corporate gift. Very often the perfect gift does not necessarily rhyme with an expensive corporate gift; on the contrary, it suffices to choose a gift that has value. The important thing is to hit the nail on the head with the France business gift voucher! Finding the perfect gift has never been easier, check out the top corporate gift boxes.

Is he a gadget junkie?

Is he a geek?

A decoration fan?

On Hightech gifts we help you guide you in your search for corporate gifts in France.

Find the corporate gift idea for your colleagues, a gift for a French company manager, birthday, the challenges are always the same: unearth the rare pearl that will really make him happy.

Our team supports you in choosing your business gifts with corporate France gift ideas, You will find your happiness by visiting our catalog.

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The difference between a corporate gift card and a corporate gift voucher

The company director can offer gift cards or company gift vouchers to thank his employees. These are benefits in kind offered by the employer or the works council to the employees of a company, generally at the time of an event within the company.

The corporate gift card

The corporate gift card is designed to allow companies to offer gifts to their employees or partners for different occasions. The corporate gift card is a sum of money that you offer to your customers, employees in order to be spent if they wish in several partner stores that have a wide range of products: fashion, beauty, high-tech, household appliances, office equipment, activities .... It is a means of payment used in exchange for a product or a service.

Corporate gift voucher

The company gift voucher is a cash benefit allowing anyone to obtain one or more items of any kind in exchange. It is considered as a purchase voucher. Whether you are a company or an individual, you can obtain corporate gift vouchers from authorised service providers. When you buy from a retailer with a gift voucher, the retailer is not required to give change if the purchase is less than the price of the gift voucher. This is why it is strongly advised to use them for amounts greater than or equal to the sum.

Company gift by city: Regulations

Gift vouchers and company gift cards are awarded under the conditions defined by the ACOSS (central agency of social security organisations), for exceptional events such as births, retirements and on the occasion of annual celebrations such as Christmas, St Nicholas' Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day.

Works councils or employers who purchase gift vouchers and gift cards for employees are exempt from social security contributions up to €168 per beneficiary per calendar year. This corresponds to 5% of the social security ceiling and does not apply under the regulations reviewed by the ACOSS for gift vouchers with a cultural purpose.

Discover all the great cities of France through our corporate gifts classified by city with local specialties that will allow you to discover the city through original corporate gifts, luxury corporate gifts France and many other unusual gifts.

Marseille business gift

We offer a wide range of Marseille company giftCadeaux high-tech offers promotional gifts for all companies in France, especially in Marseille. Cadeaux high-tech offers you corporate gifts in Marseille with fast delivery and quality local products.

Lyon business gift

A rich and varied catalogue with a range of trendy objects to personalise according to your company's taste, cheap corporate gifts France. Available in Lyon and its surroundings, offer a Lyon business gift has never been easier.

Toulouse business gift

The loyalty of your customers is ensured as well as your visibility thanks to the Toulouse business gift. Goodies, a personalized corporate gift with clear and precise marking.

Nice business gift

As mentioned earlier, the nice business gift is a powerful affective medium and its recall rate among customers makes it ideal for making a lasting impression on the audience it addresses.

Nantes business gift

Promotional USB key, personalized business gift (mugs), pen, household appliances, diversity of Nantes business gift and the themes available on our website, without forgetting the possibility of personalizing your gifts by choosing the colors the material the engraving ensures effective personalization.

Montpellier business gift

Whether you want to promote your company, thank your customers for their loyalty or offer personalized goodies to your employees, choose an original corporate gift from France.

Strasbourg business gift

Our objective being the satisfaction of our customers, we do everything possible to answer your most specific requests in relation to your Strasbourg business gift.

Consult without further delay our online catalog with more than 2000 references.

Rennes business gift

Corporate gift ideas for the end of the year in Rennes for your employees during your seminars or any other event during the year. Available 7 days a week, we are at your disposal to help you find the right gift for your company. Rennes corporate gift ideal for your company.

Reims corporate gift

Consult directly all our corporate gifts Reims. Choose the quantity you want and order or ask for a quote directly on our website accessible from mobile phones, tablets and computers. We also have corporate gifts Le Havre, Saint-Étienne corporate gift, corporate gift Toulon, corporate gift Bordeaux, corporate gift Lille, corporate gift Grenoble, corporate gift Dijon, Angers corporate giftFor example: what company Nîmes, what company Villeurbanne, a set of corporate gifts France that you can filter by city to meet your most specific requests.