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CE gifts

Our company specializes in the distribution of corporate gifts on Toulon and its region. Do you want to please your employees, retain your customers or develop your network of prospects? We support you in choosing the gifts that will have the most impact on your target.
All of our products are fully customizable according to our different marking techniques in screen printing, laser engraving, doming, etc.
+ 2 000 corporate gifts are references on our website among our different product ranges: High-Tech, goodies, small appliances, custom gift boxes ...
The best products of the moment will be offered to you as USB key, hard drive, advertising pen, bluetooth speaker, key ring or even the touch pad. Don't wait any longer, contact us by email to consult us or request a quote online. We will respond as soon as possible.
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Corporate gifts Toulon

Find your idea here corporate gift for your customers, employees or collaborators through our online catalogue with more than 2000 listings!

Here you will find gifts for all tastes, unique corporate gifts Toulon for your partners with the specificities of the city. Show your interest in your future clients, potential clients, by offering them a corporate gift Toulon, a unique corporate gift idea Toulon that he or she will appreciate and keep for a long time.

Opt for eccentricity with our customised mugs Toulon, pens, tea towels, connected objects with Toulon shades. You will get gift ideas on Hightech Gifts for your customers. Discover our selection of best selling corporate gifts of gifts for women, men and children. Trendy and customisable corporate gifts with the message you want (first name, slogan, logo, etc.). Make them happy with our individualised corporate gift ideas! We have elaborated for you a multitude of customizable products Toulon with first name, particular message as well as a photograph.

Employee gift idea

Make your customers happy by offering them a corporate gift Toulon, amazing atypical high-tech gadgets cheap, unique with your logo for a solid advertising to your targets.
Once you have chosen the recipient of your unique corporate gift Toulon, the event for which you are looking for a gift idea and the date on which you want the gift to be delivered. You can refine your search results by category: gadgets, household appliances, photo/video or even unique corporate gifts for the kitchen.
Whether you are looking for a gift for a woman or a man, there are corporate gift ideas for everyone! Nothing pleases more than a gift for which the person has taken the time to give a personal touch. There are individualised corporate gifts for all tastes! From customisable accessories to engraved mugs, custom clocks, photo frames, unique jewellery, unique decorative gifts, wine and spirits... as well as our gift ideas, you can be sure to make people happy!

How to find the best original gift?

Motivate your employees with a original corporate giftA remarkable gift, ideal for your corporate gifts. We all ask ourselves this question: how do we go about finding the right gift that will please?

The best customer gift is the gift that will be used every day for your potential customers, customers to remember you. An everyday object that he will often use for example a personalized apron for cooking enthusiasts, a connected gadget, a usb key, pen, small handbag… We offer a set of customizable everyday products like your business.

Whether it is for a specific occasion like Christmas, a birthday, a marketing campaign or simply to thank a customer for his loyalty, once the choice of the type of CE gifts If you are looking for a gift for your company, you will find it on Cadeaux Hightech ! Find varied, stylish customer gifts for all ages and budgets: jewels, watches, clutches, clothes... You no longer have any excuse for not really pleasing your employees!

A reactive and dynamic team is at your service to answer all your questions and accompany you in your search for a personalised, atypical Toulon business gift! Whatever your selection of key rings, USB keys or business card holders, don't forget to take advantage of our selection of personalised products with a clear engraving or a photo of your choice.

The evolution of corporate gifts over time

Thanks to business gifts Toulon for example the super fast digital tablet, the Internet is now at your fingertips. When high-tech gadgets rhyme with originality, you are sure to please your employees!

Hightech Gifts offers you accessories for touch pads (speakers, keyboards and touch pad cleaning sets, protective covers) original customizable.

Nowadays, the digital tablet has taken a considerable place in our professional life as well as in our leisure time. These and others, can be branded with your logo to distribute as practical and perfect business gifts Toulon at the cutting edge of technology. At home, the digital tablet becomes the entertainment centre that allows you to watch videos, listen to music or allow the children to be entertained.

Corporate gift Toulon for men

Looking for a corporate gift Toulon for a man (a colleague, client or company director)? We have just what you need! Lots of gift ideas for men 100% Toulon. You can surprise your employees with original, high quality and local gifts!

Our catalogue contains more than 2000 references to satisfy these gentlemen in all occasions: gifts for men for a birthday, gift idea for company manager Toulon, end of year corporate gift.

Our region is rich because of its notoriety through wine, its history as well as passionate producers. Look no further to take advantage of local know-how!

Only Toulon corporate gift ideas for men, unusual, original and trendy ideas.

Gloves to warm up

We offer you leather gloves for your corporate gifts with the best leathers and exceptional quality. Indispensable in winter, the pair of gloves and scarf warms us up, they are timeless.

You can choose the shape and colour of the glove to protect your hands against the cold. Order your corporate gifts gloves by staying warm directly via our website. You can choose the shape and the colour of the glove to protect your hands from the cold.

Unusual corporate gift Toulon

Choose a corporate gift box with a great story to tell. From local products, through souvenirs of Toulon, Normandy and customisable trendy promotional items, to whimsical decorative objects. CE gift boxes to discover the flavours of Toulon and the region.

From the top of the range to the fun gadget, from the Normandy basket to the glass blowing objects, a multitude of choices are possible. Accessories that you can't find anywhere else for your business gift Dijon to offer to your employees without moderation.

The best corporate gift ideas for Toulon can all be found on High Tech Gifts.

Find the right corporate gift Toulon : Toulon gift ideas for all styles!

We give you some tips for your special Toulon gift:

Bet on simplicity, why make it complicated when the simplest corporate gift ideas work the most?

- Your corporate gift Toulon must be in line with the interests, passions and ideas of the person who will receive the corporate gift

- Your Toulon business gift must stand out from the crowd, it must be authentic! Don't be afraid to surprise them to stand out from your competitors.

Corporate gift idea Toulon for women

Giving corporate gifts to colleagues, partners or prospects has become standard business practice. It is a proof of loyalty and trust towards its employees!

Lavender fragrance diffuser

A nice designer diffuser to perfume your interiors at the best price. a gift that will undoubtedly have its effect on your employees.

Lavender is a fragrance that is generally used to scent clothes, a wardrobe, reduce anxiety, you can also sanitise your home with lavender, a pleasant scent that greatly reduces stress. With our lavender fragrance diffuser with wooden sticks and flower, filled with alcohol-free lavender aromatic oil, delivered in a nice box.

Lipstick backup battery

An original battery to match your make-up bag thanks to its lipstick shape. A practical female charger that can be easily stored in your bag. This is the fashionable high tech accessory to have at the moment!

This battery can be personalized with your logo, for optimal visibility of your business.

A corporate gift to promote your products

Are you looking for a corporate gift idea for the end of the year in Toulon? makes it easy for you with a wide range of products. Customisable corporate gift ideas (customisable watches, customisable gourmet baskets, Toulon corporate gifts, advertising Christmas articles and decorations, Toulon corporate gift vouchers). You can personalise your advertising objects as well as your photos or your logo in order to spread your brand or image to as many people as possible.

Our business gifts and personalised Toulon gifts are the perfect communication medium for town halls, administrations, companies, shops, transport companies, consulting agencies, law firms, garages, dealers, ambulance drivers, clinics, health sector, laboratories, building and public works.

Original and cheap corporate gift Toulon

For your employees, find the corporate gift Toulon that will fit perfectly with your business whatever your sector of activity, we have the right product.

For a budget between 2 and 20 euros, discover our selection of cheap corporate gifts for your prospects.

An idea personalized corporate gift cheap corporate gifts for companies, associations, quality goodies for employee / professional gifts. We have corporate gifts for all sectors of activity

Consult without further delay our catalogue with a multitude of choices among our gift ideas for your customers, employees. These business gifts will undoubtedly be very important to develop customer loyalty, thank your employees and collaborators... we offer gift ideas to thank your employees, cheap business gifts adapted to your needs. We offer cheap business gifts that will be an excellent means of communication for all your professional activities.

Authentic corporate gifts Toulon

If you have an original Toulon business gift to give (a birthday, Christmas, holiday, for a man or a woman...), think of our selection of articles even if the recipient of your gift does not necessarily know Toulon, he will probably be conquered by all these delicious Toulon specialties prepared with care.

Here are our ideas for gifts and souvenirs from Toulon

We have made a selection of the most beautiful products of Toulon for you! You will be able to extend your holidays or recall many good memories thanks to our selection of corporate gift Toulon, our gourmet basket compositions (sweet baskets and/or savoury boxes) for all tastes and our personalised accessories Toulon.

For any particular request, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on a wide range of business gifts: HighTech, textiles, end of year corporate gifts, connected objects, USB keys, pens, etc., with or without marking.

The Toulon corporate gift evokes the authenticity of a port rich in history. Here is a selection of special Toulon corporate gifts for your customers, partners or employees.

Give a smile to your employees

Opt for a nice business gift to improve the working conditions of your employees. Make the office really enjoyable and fun. With a few of our accessories, your company's success becomes child's play. Work is much more pleasant and enjoyable!

It becomes evident that we spend the majority of the week at our workplace. To make the work of your employees pleasant and fun, we offer a selection of corporate office gifts that will make your employee smile every day.

Special business gift Toulon : Dare to indulge!

A gourmet basket specially designed to help you discover Toulon by offering you all the essential flavours of French gastronomy... You have the opportunity to prepare tasty dishes, this Toulon gourmet corporate gift box is a delicious special Toulon corporate gift to offer to your clients.

You have the possibility to elaborate a Christmas corporate gift box, a year-end corporate gift Toulon for the holidays. Discover here the top corporate gift boxes.

An idea of composition

A block of duck foie gras, a bottle of Toulon wine, a delight of oysters, a toastinade of red mullet and dried tomatoes, truffles with salted butter caramel chips, a jar of salted butter caramel tenders.

An all-chocolate business gift!

Offering chocolate as a corporate gift is original and will always please! Most people love chocolate. Chocolates can be a great souvenir idea for Toulon, especially when they are made in Toulon by local craftsmen with a story to tell.

Hightech Gifts offers you these delicious chocolates, available in different forms, in bulk, tablets, sachets, puzzle, box, these chocolates are completely customizable as well as one or more colors of your choice. The packaging of the chocolates can be completely personalized according to your wishes.

Promote your company with our corporate gifts by offering them as a thank you in all types of business sectors (hotels, restaurants, SMEs, etc.). A gourmet gift that will make a sensation with your employees. Don't wait any longer, order your chocolate corporate gifts for an original and low cost corporate gift idea. You can compose a nice assortment of chocolates for your company gifts for less than 15 euros

Chocolate boxes for your professional events, such as trade fairs or seminars, the corporate gift France ideal to offer to your customers, collaborators and partners or even to your employees.