Mini blue telescopic pole

In order to ensure its sustainability over the long term, it is essential for a company to develop a loyalty marketing strategy. An advertising object linked to the connected lifestyle such as this mini blue telescopic pole makes it possible to retain prospects and customers and to promote brand awareness.

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Maintain your commercial relationship with your customers with a personalised promotional item adapted to the situation. However, make sure you choose a advertisment object It should be inexpensive, useful and appealing to your prospects and customers. It should also promote your services or products.

An ideal promotional item to enhance your image

The purpose of goodies is to ensure that your brand is visible to your customers so that they can remember it. As a result, they will naturally call on your services. This accessory is an original promotional item that is guaranteed to please prospects and customers. It can also maximise your visibility to a wide audience when used, without forgetting to enhance your brand.

A high-tech goodie: The blue mini telescopic pole

A high-tech advertising object is ideal for seducing prospects and customers while ensuring a very high visibility of your brand. This selfie pole is a promotional item that is very popular with photo enthusiasts and can be used as a fun addition to their phone. It has an extendable arm that is very practical and allows you to take selfies anywhere. It allows you to take pictures from all angles, all without fear of dropping your phone, thanks to its adjustable arm and its 270-degree rotatable and extendable head. It is also compatible with most smartphones such as the Note 4, iPhone 6+ and others.

A cheap advertising gift

The price of an advertising object should be neither extravagant nor insignificant in order to thank the customer for his loyalty. This mini telescopic pole The blue is an inexpensive promotional gift that can generate a great advertising impact. It is guaranteed to be used by its recipient and allows the brand to be exposed to as many people as possible each time it is used.

270° rotating head with rubber protection and clamping screw. Extendable head from 5.5cm to 8cm (compatible with iPhone 6+, Note 4 etc.). Rubber and stainless steel 6-slip handle with anti-rotation system. Net weight: 148g. Battery capacity: 60mAh. Charging voltage: 5V. Charging time: 1 hour - 20 hours use and 3 days standby. Compatible with any smartphone. Strap and micro-USB cable included.

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