Thomson Primo 500 GB hard drive

At a time when companies are struggling to retain their customers, communication by advertising object / goodies represents an advantageous solution. Associated with a close relationship during the year, an advertising gift allows you to show your gratitude to your best customers.

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If classic goodies like pens or key rings don't mean anything to you, why not choose a high-tech promotional item? Among the possibilities is the Thomson Primo 500GB hard drive. Very practical and very trendy, this type of goodies is a benchmark advertising medium. 

An advertising gift of choice

Avoid rushing headlong into acquiring a advertisment object for your customers. Above all, ask yourself what kind of gift will mark their minds and arouse their admiration. High-tech is the trend of the day, which makes this computer accessory a perfect gift. Convenient for professional use, you can safely store a whole bunch of documents or digital files. In addition, it offers maximum data transfer rate. This Thomson Primo hard drive incorporates a micro USB computer input. It has a standard configuration compatible with Windows and Mac OS Plug and Play and a power supply via a USB port.

Goodies to offer as recognition

The objective of offering advertising goodies is not to buy the customer, but simply to show them your interest in them and also to express your gratitude for their loyalty and trust. It is therefore necessary to choose an object of value at the height of this satisfaction in order to maintain this link. The choice is wide, but moving towards striking goodies will have a positive impact on the image of your company. Hence the ready-made choice of this Thomson external hard drive Primo 500GB.

A promotional item at a fair price

You will easily find a personalized promotional item in our catalog. But most importantly, it is accessible to all budgets. Add personality to your gift by imprinting your company logo and name on it at a lower cost. Thus, your partner will be rewarded in the best possible way, and without spending too much.

The 500 GB external hard drive to please on any occasion.

External hard drive
Hard disk technology : Hard Disk (HDD)
HDD Format : 2.5 inch
Capacity : 500 GB
Computer input (s) : Micro USB
Maximum data transfer rate : 5 Gbit / s
Type of interface : USB 3.0 Compatible with USB 2.0
Color : Black
Standard configuration : Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, Plug and Play
Additional features LED indicator for power and transfer, File formatting system: NTFS, Power via USB port

Do you want to please? Offer an external hard drive!

This Thomson external hard drive Primo 500 Go is compatible with MacOS and Windows.

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