4 GB POD usb key

Do you want to convey an image that is both young and dynamic to your employees and customers? Choose this USB Pod key as a promotional item! With their balanced design, compact dimensions and aesthetics, these goodies are a choice to make to showcase your business.

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Very practical at the moment, the USB key is a advertisment object This accessory is an essential tool for developing a company's brand image. This accessory is a communication tool. You can use it to show your gratitude to your employees. Indispensable in your marketing strategy, this advertising object optimises your notoriety.

Goodies with a very original and attractive shape

This personalized advertising object has an unusual shape. With its pill-like appearance, it becomes very attractive. Moreover, it is available in different colours. If you are more of a classic person, you can choose between the black or white model. If you like flashy, choose the orange, pink, yellow or green model. This personalised promotional item has two printing areas, the front and the back. You can put your company name in the first section and your logo in the other section.

Practical everyday goodies

This promotional item is very practical thanks to its compact size and light weight. Because it is not very thick, this accessory is easy to store. You can put it in a pocket without it taking up space. You can also put it in your bag. With its small ring, this promotional gift can be added to your key ring. You can also put it around your neck by attaching it to a lanyard. This way, you will never lose it. This USB key has a storage space of 4 GB. You can put a lot of digital files on it.

Sustainable goodies

This personalised promotional item is made of high quality materials, making it durable and resistant to all tests. You can use it for years without its quality deteriorating!

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