Rare white truffle butter

Original, refined and delicious, this rare white truffle butter is a corporate gift not to be missed to impress and please colleagues. It is a great branded employee Christmas gift that works councils should offer to their company's staff.

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The end of the year is the perfect time to thank colleagues for their efforts during the year. This time, surprise them with this completely authentic corporate gift. It is a high quality Giuliano Tartufi product, the CE gift ideal for sharing your joy with your employees.

A beautiful gift to thank employee

When choosing your CE gift, we suggest you focus on originality and high quality! So choose this corporate committee gift rare white truffle butter, an exceptionally attractive product. Its powerful aroma makes you want to enjoy a good meal with family and friends. It is perfect to show your colleagues that the company thinks of them and wants to celebrate the best moments with them.

A corporate committee gift impressive

Looking for an effective employee gift idea? You've come to the right place. After all, this EC gift has everything to please. It is a cream with butter This is a very nice product, which has the ability to spice up dishes and transform the most banal preparations such as omelettes and mashed potatoes into hearty and ultra-refined dishes. A small spoonful of this corporate gift is enough to create a gourmet plate worthy of the greatest chefs.

A employee gift customizable

Cadeaux Hightech, the great specialist in prestige corporate gifts, offers you the opportunity to put your company logo on this kdo ce. You will then have a luxury personalised CE gift with your company's image. Every time your colleagues use this creamy white truffle cream to enhance the taste of their dishes, they will remember this nice gesture. It's perfect for motivating them in their work.

You can use it for dishes that need to be spiced up: this cream will transform an omelette or a simple potato purée into a tasty and delicate dish.

Put a small spoonful on a steamed potato just opened and succumb to the truffle flavour.

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