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FindNaft 2 lossless bluetooth keychain

FindNaft 2 is a great corporate gift idea, especially if you are on a tight budget. It doesn't cost much, yet it has all the qualities of a quality corporate gift. What's more? The ability to add the personalisation of your choice to make it a gift tailored to your needs.

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The FindNaft 2 allows you to link your various objects with its anti-loss alarm (key, wallet, tablet, handbag, suitcase, etc....).

Track your objects, by geolocation, thanks to the IOS and Android compatible application which indicates the last GPS position of your WI finder.

In "photo" mode, your WI finder is a real remote control for taking photos with your smartphone's camera.

In the "Recording" mode it allows you to trigger voice recordings.

Want to give a high-tech corporate gift, but not too expensive? This Bluetooth keychain is an excellent choice. It's state of the art, but still quite affordable. It's the perfect idea end of year corporate gift to offer for the holidays.

Stand out from the crowd with original corporate gifts

You want to offer a christmas gift company originalWill it be remembered for a long time to come? Choose this FindNaft 2 Bluetooth keychain. It's a high-tech gadget that will leave no one indifferent. It's more than just a keychain, it's a Bluetooth tracker that will help its recipient to no longer lose or forget their stuff. It is equipped with an anti-loss alarm and can be linked to various objects ranging from simple keys to suitcases, wallets, tablets or even handbags. Compatible with an Android and IOS app, it allows for geolocation of linked items.

FindNaft 2, a good idea for corporate gifts

Corporate gifts, like business gifts, must be of very good quality so as not to damage your company's image. You will not regret your choice by opting for this Bluetooth keychain FindNaft 2. It is made of a solid material that can withstand the heavy use of everyday life. It consumes very little power and has a range of up to 20 metres. This connected keychain can also be used to remotely trigger the smartphone camera.

A corporate gift that can be personalised according to your wishes

The final advantage of choosing this key ring as a corporate gift is that you can personalise it with your company colours. If you wish, you can add a special message such as a slogan or your company logo.