Box of 8 essential oils 10ml

Have you noticed that one of your clients or employees has an essential oil diffuser in their establishment? So take the opportunity to choose a box of essential oils as a CE gift. In addition to being useful, it is a cheap corporate committee gift that will easily fit into your budget.

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Want to give a business gift that won't end up in the back of a drawer? This essential oil box is a very thoughtful gift if your recipient has an oil diffuser. At your wishes, it can be embellished with a personal message or your logo. Consult our gift catalog works council.

Box of essential oils, a useful gift that lasts

The CE gifts the most touching are those which are useful, but which also last, to perpetuate your professional relationships. So think about this box of essential oils. It offers the choice of 4 different scents, each delivered in duplicate, including lemon, peppermint, lavandin and sweet orange. This is an advantage for a gift option that lasts. In addition to providing a sweet scent in a room, these essential oils also have a relaxing effect. Which makes this business a good giveaway.

A CE gift that offers well-being

Receiving a box as a gift is always nice. And it is even more so when it comes to a customer gift that can calm and de-stress after a hard day's work. Such a gift is always appreciated. Offer this 8 essential oils box as gifts is therefore well thought out. Used individually or in combination, each fragrance of oil is intended to provide well-being. With its 10 ml bottle, your company name will remain in sight for a while.

The customization option to make it a unique CE gift

The advantage of this essential oil box like kdo CE is the possibility to send it with a personalized message or to sign it with the name of your company to make a unique gift. It will be the perfect gift idea to promote your business and to maintain a good relationship between you and your employees.

8 vials 10 ml, essential oil for diffuser: lemon / sweet orange / peppermint / lavandin x 2
the lemon exudes a fresh, tangy scent.
Peppermint, refreshing. Can also be used mixed with lemon
Lavender to purify, perfume the house Perfect to calm the stress of a working day
Sweet orange: a fruity fragrance, known to be calming, soothing and relaxing.

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