50 hour sandalwood candle box

The choice of works council gifts is decisive for the future activities of the company. The gifts that will be offered to employees help strengthen ties and trust, provided they are appreciated. Opt for originality in order to stand out from the competition! Choose a winter candle, it will make an original and very useful CE gift.

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You are looking for a christmas business gift box who will not leave your employees indifferent? Nothing better than an original employee gift, like a winter candle. Usable throughout the year and on various occasions, this kind of gift helps to strengthen existing collaborations.

Red winter candle box: a CE gift for everyone

It is very difficult to find a corporate committee gift which unanimously agrees with the collaborators. However, it would be very expensive to offer a different employee gift to each client or partner. You take no risk with the winter candle box and no need to consult another works council gift catalog! This winter candle is suitable for everyone and matches all profiles. It is delivered in very good conditions: packaged and scented.

Authentic works council gifts!

The gift for works councils is a good way to promote a good image of the company and its activities. To better stand out, opt for this winter candle box which will make CE gifts more personal. This one gives off an oriental fragrance due to the spices and wood oils that compose it. Measuring 8.5 x 7 cm, the gift can be stored anywhere! It is easily transported and allows its owner to use it at any time. Whether it's about having a romantic time at home or about de-stressing at the office. In short, it's a gift for company committees that is sure to please!

Red winter candle box, an aesthetic and durable CE gift

Do you want to offer personalized CE gifts that will do your business proud? This winter candle box is a great choice. Both the candle and the colored glass that encloses it are decorative. Your employees are unlikely to be disappointed! Not only do they get a candle with indisputable benefits on well-being, but they also benefit from a decorative object for the office. This is the gift to thank the employee par excellence!

This candle is made with natural biodegradable and environmentally friendly soy wax.
40-55 hours, 230g.
It comes boxed and folded in our exclusive signature box with black cream and gold details.

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