Champagne box 2 glasses

It is important to give worthy thanks to your employees and partners. For this, you can choose this Champagne 2 Cups box as business gifts. Considered as luxury business gifts, champagnes impose class and represent the importance of your social actors.

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This product is one of the business gifts which can be enjoyed by business leaders from both sides. What better way to celebrate the longevity of a collaboration than with a good champagne business gift in good company?

A luxury business gift to strengthen a professional relationship

Professional relations should be thanked in a dignified way, especially if this occurs after the completion of a project or after the birth of a new collaboration. The Champagne 2 glasses box is the ideal business gift for this kind of occasion. It is not a simple corporate giftThe bottle and packaging can also carry your logo as a constant reminder of your existence to your partners. The bottle and packaging can also bear your logo as a constant reminder of your existence to your partners.

A quality business gift

This business gift includes a bottle of Champagne and two flutes. You can enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed, for two. This quality bottle is offered at a very affordable price. But this does not affect the richness of its taste and flavour. The bottle and the two glasses are packaged in a gift box to perfect the presentation of your business gift. Although it is a worthy corporate gift for your employees, it goes without saying that you can also offer it as a client gift. For the latter, the champagne can be offered as a thank you for absolute loyalty.

A customizable business gift

To make your business gift more original, you can personalise the bottle and the packaging. This way, you can put your company logo and add a professional note at the same time. As a personalised business gift, the colour of the packaging of the 2 glass champagne box can also change according to your choice. A choice that will depend on the colour tone of your company logo.

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