Connected bracelet black design

Looking for goodies for your employees? Choose this black designer connected bracelet to stand out from your competition. This promotional item has become more and more trendy nowadays. This is a digital coach who will be alongside your employees to monitor their form and physical condition.

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Nowadays and this, for a few years, offer this Corporate goodies has become very fashionable. It is appreciated for its minimalist and aesthetic design but also for its practicality. It can be used to measure heart rate, number of steps, calories lost, etc.

An advertising object as a slimming coach

These goodies are used to keep track of all physical activities. You can determine the number of steps taken during the day. You will be able to measure the distance traveled as well as the calories burned during physical activities. In short, these little ones Goodies originals colored pink can perform different missions to improve your health. Very practical, it is equipped with a mini screen on which you will be able to monitor your physical conditions.

An advertising giveaway to optimally monitor sleep

This Goodies is not only a virtual coach but it can also optimize the regular monitoring of your sleep rhythm. It has an alarm function to wake you up in the morning. With its vibrating alarm, you will be able to wake up silently and gently. Thanks to these goodies, you will be able to define if your sleep was good or bad. In the second case, advice is given so that you can remedy it.

An ultra practical personalized advertising object

This bracelet connected black design is practical and easy to use. Indeed, you can associate and control it from your Smartphone running Android or iOS thanks to a free downloadable application. This gift for business is equipped with an anti-loss function which allows it to be optimally secured. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Finally, you can personalize this object with your company logo or slogan.

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