Black design smart fitness bracelet

Bluetooth Smart Fitness bracelet, a smart bracelet that will accompany you in all your daily activities. It is equipped with an OLED screen, connected to your Android or Ios phone, it warns you of a call, message, alarm... records the data of your sports exploits during the day, and the quality of your sleep at night. Measures your daily step count and walking distance. Calculates your daily calorie consumption.

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The Black Smart Fitness Connected Bracelet represents one of the most trendy corporate gifts of the moment.

The synchronization of information is done wirelessly via Bluetooth, or on your PC by USB cable. Functions: Sports data recording, sleep tracking, display of calorie consumption, and distance traveled.

It is an accessory "smart bracelet", which allows you to follow the sports activities of the day, and to control the quality of sleep during the night.
thanks to a Bluetooth connection or from your laptop or even a USB connection, the synchronization of information is done very quickly and very easily.

This bracelet will be very useful for getting back in shape, monitoring daily activity such as recording sports data (number of steps, distance covered), night control with the number of hours of sleep in the cycle, it monitors heart rate, it displays the consumption of calories as well as those burned, without forgetting the stopwatch.It will allow you to take care of your health, since it allows you to set personalized daily goals. Indeed, it follows and indicates the progression over time, like a mini sports coach… ..not bad enough?

In addition, there are several applications depending on the smartphone you have (IOS or Android). When close to a phone, the bracelet displays an incoming call notification without draining your phone's battery thanks to bluetooth connectivity. Synchronization is done automatically when the bracelet is located less than 10 meters from the smartphone.

It therefore allows simple, fast and efficient use. From an aesthetic point of view, it is an elegant and thin accessory, available in different colors to match your clothing line even more easily.By monitoring your night cycle, it also analyzes the duration and the quality of your sleep, the number of awakenings. And you also have the option to wake up gently with the wake-up option (silent vibrating alarm) without disturbing others. Practical no? So don't wait any longer and let your employees and clients benefit from this very practical and useful accessory in everyday life.



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Standard USB charging
Power supply: 40mAh polymer battery
Battery life: +96 hours

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