Computer office business gift box

This Business Gift will certainly be coveted, as it contains several interesting and charming items. It is delivered in a box to form a harmonious and well-designed whole to meet various types of needs. It is a business gift that can be useful at work, but also at home for entertainment.

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Various luxury business gifts are therefore included in the package, each with its own role. On the surface, this Business Gifts is already impressive in the number of products it offers: a tablet cover, a mini desk lamp, a greeting card and a gift bag. Everyone will be seduced by the contents. Your partners will be extremely grateful to you for such a corporate gift.

A Business Gift for Safety

This tablet cover is a fabulous business gift. It effectively protects a device from scratches and dust. It is a promotional gift which increases the lifespan of the device it protects, because even in the event of a fall or shock, the risk of damage is reduced. In addition, this customer gift also allows the device to be held in a given position to facilitate its use or the reading of a file.

A company gift for comfort

Another very convenient product in this vsbusiness gift set office automation computer is a mini desk lamp. It is a discreet business gift with its small size, but its LED light is very bright. It can be used for those who often work late and don't want to disturb others with too much light, or to save energy. In any case, it is a business gift that can help many people.

Other complementary business gifts

The other elements that complete this business gift are a greeting card and a kraft gift bag. You can turn these into personalised business gifts with your logo and a small message on the card. This way, your company will be recognised by all recipients, and their thoughts will be with you every time they see and use the items you have given.

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