Stopwatch watch business gift box

Hightech Gifts has pre-selected these luxury business gifts for you to show your gratitude to your customers and employees on the occasion of the celebration of a special corporate event. It is a business gift box judiciously composed of a beautiful chronometer watch, a sublime customizable greeting card and an extraordinary customer gift basket.

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This year, surprise your customers, employees, partners, associates and suppliers with this set of business gift trendy and authentic. Whether it's to celebrate the end of the year, the inauguration or the anniversary of your company, these are the right business gifts to thank those who are loyal to your brand.

A business gift useful and fashionable high tech

Discover this dark blue chronometer watch with its classic and timeless design. It is a customer gift that will help your client or employee to improve their sports performance thanks to the repetitive countdown. This feature allows the user to set a goal within a predefined time. The user of the corporate gift can then only stop once this time has elapsed. In addition, it helps to do simple split exercises with identical countdown times. Note that this option can be deactivated as required.

A business gift to express your wishes

The gift box Also included is this beautiful greeting card with fun gourmet illustrations. You can add your logo to any of the personalised business gifts in the pack, but this card also allows you to express your wishes to your customers and colleagues. It is also an attractive business gift with a glossy UV varnish finish. The recipients will be delighted and touched by this beautiful and thoughtful gift.

A trendy basket for your business gifts

The business gift basket in the set stands out with its trendy country design. With its two removable handles and red polka dot fabric, this brown wicker basket can be filled with gourmet business gifts such as jam jars or an assortment of sweets. Reusable and sturdy, it can be an effective communication medium if you put your logo on it.

Dark blue chronometer watch

The repetitive countdown allows :
Set a target time for practice and stop when that time is up
Perform simple split exercises with identical countdown times (e.g. 30 seconds of acceleration then 30 seconds of rest then 30 seconds of acceleration ...).
The repeat function can be switched off.

Gourmet greeting card

Double card 14.8 × 14.8 cm closed (29.6 × 14.8 cm open)
Glossy UV varnish finish
Personalization on sheet or card
Card + envelope <20g

Basket gift box fabric handles

Main material: Wicker
Main color: Brown
Dimensions W x D x H: 35 x 29 x 29 cm

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