Gourmet wine business gift box

Discover this splendid business gift box that you can offer to your customers and employees during the holiday season, in order to thank them for their loyalty and their confidence in your company. This is a premium business gift bundle that we have carefully pre-selected for you.

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Offer a business gift A well thought-out gift set is a tradition that all companies follow on the occasion of a special event. This year, opt for prestige and elegance with this premium business gift set. The offer includes a bottle of top brand wine and a bag corporate gift very chic.

A wine deal gift luxury

The most remarkable business gift in this box is certainly this Caprice 2015 vintage wine. It is a 100% Pinot Noir grape variety that seduces first of all by its sublime deep and intense colour. But the red fruit aromas of this customer gift are also enchanting and invite you to taste it without delay. On the palate, the great elegance of the tannins is discovered or rediscovered. It is a gift for the palate that stands out for its lightness and extreme refinement.

A beautiful bag business gift not to miss

The second customizable item you will find in this gift box This beautiful black matte bag is made of high quality kraft paper. It is the ideal container for the Caprice du lot and other luxury business gifts of your choice if you wish. You can put a personalised business card from our collection, a chocolate bar, etc. in it. Its twisted handles make it even more practical and facilitate the preparation and transport of personalised business gifts.

Of business gifts your brand's image

Each business gift in this set can be personalised with your logo. So your client or employee will think of your brand when they are toasting at the table with their family or friends, or when they see the business gift beautifully wrapped in the classy black packaging. The icing on the cake: Cadeaux Hightech offers you everything at a great price.

Caprice wine 2015

Vintage : 2015
Grape variety : 100% Pinot noir
Tastes : Red Light and fruity
By Taste : Fruity
To the eye  : Intense and deep color.
At nose : Scents of red berries.
In mouth : Elegant tannins in a smooth mouth.

Black gift bag with twisted handles

The Kraft paper bag is an indispensable part of every shop.
Dimensions W x D x H: 27 x 12 x 37 cm

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