Design digital weather station

Offer corporate gifts to your employees. Make your customers happy with a digital weather station as a corporate gift.

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To thank a deserving employee, communicate through a corporate gift is the ideal way to get a message across. This type of high-tech business gift is an effective way to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, you contribute to the happiness of your business partners.  

A unique corporate gift

Sometimes giving a nice wrapped gift is enough to send a message. To show your gratitude to your employees or customers, it is important to make a gesture of recognition. Most often, giving a corporate gift can do the trick. In a single object, you will allow your partners to take advantage of the numerous functionalities provided by this technological jewel. This multi-functional digital weather station is equipped with an alarm and date function. It's handy for keeping track of temperature, air pressure and even the phases of the moon. This is the kind of practical device that will enhance your company's image.

Original corporate gift to offer to seduce

Attractive in its silver colour, this digital weather station The design of this gift is sure to impress your employees and customers. A great item to keep a lasting emotional bond between the company and its recipient. Anyone who is passionate about new technology will appreciate your luxury corporate gift. It's the kind of gift that will leave a lasting impression on the minds of those who receive it.

High-tech business gifts, the ideal end-of-year gift

High-tech corporate gifts are a great way to build awareness of a company among its customers. There are many choices, but this one far outshines other customised corporate gift designs. Whether it's an end of year gift or a Christmas gift, high-tech is always welcome. By opting for the top of the range, your customers will have a good image of you. This will help you gain their trust.

Article data
Color : silver
Cut 7 x 1.3 x 11 cm
Net weight 0.093 kg
Gross weight 0.113 kg
Carton weight 1.13 kg / 6.78 kg
Packing : 10 / 60
Material : Plastic
Native country : China
Sample : max. 5
Additional Information : AAA / LR03 / AM4

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