Full HD black design camcorder

These days, sharing videos on social media has become a big trend. Are your employees one of those followers of video platforms? Give them this full HD camcorder as a corporate gift. Whether it is for filming a special event or for everyday life, this corporate gift has many advantages.

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Are you still hesitating to offer a corporate gift to your employees? You should know that it has several advantages. Giving a personalized business gift is an effective way of pleasing your customers and attracting their attention. It is also the ideal tool to strengthen the professional relationship you have with your business partners. 

Ergonomically designed business gifts

This corporate gift has a very ergonomic shape which makes it easy to hold while recording the video. In addition, it is equipped with a small 7.6 cm screen for viewing the images taken. This corporate gift is as light as a mobile phone. You can easily carry it around. And with its optimised size, it takes up little space.

A personalised corporate gift with ultra-practical features

This corporate gift has many features that will allow you to take high quality videos. You can set the resolution up to 12 Megapixels. You can zoom in up to 5x which allows you to capture images from a distance. This camcorder digital Full HD is compatible with an HDMI socket so you can connect it to your TV. Note that the various adjustment buttons of this corporate gift are easily accessible. Moreover, this device is easy to use. You don't need any specific knowledge to be able to handle it properly.

Aesthetically designed business gifts

This corporate gift will please your employees. It has a sober and pure form. However, it has an incomparable aestheticism and elegance. This device, available in black, is fully customisable. Feel free to put your logo or slogan on it to improve your company's visibility. You can also write personalised messages on it. It is up to you to choose the effects you want to put on your device.

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