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HD color sports camera

Are you looking for a gift this to satisfy your works councils? Choose this HD color sports camera. Its elegant design and its different colors make it an ideal corporate committee gift idea for these festive occasions.

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The HD color sports camera is a practical device for immortalizing different moments in life. It's a CE gift which is therefore useful on a professional level, but also on a personal level. What could be better than offering a collaborator gift for multiple and practical use?

A gift for everyday use

The CE Sports HD Colors Gift Camera is a device that can be used throughout the day. Indeed, it allows to keep in memory photo or videos all the good times spent with loved ones. But it can also be used in the professional world. Indeed, thanks to its image quality, this CE gift allows you to keep paper documents. Offer this gift collaborater to your social actors, it is also to offer practicality and pleasure on a daily basis. In addition, as this employee gift is often used, it will easily ensure the visibility of your company. Indeed, you can personalize your gift this as you wish to give more originality.

A high-tech employee gift

Devices these days are equipped with advanced technology, and this CE gift has inherited that evolution as well. It has a 2 inch LCD screen and Full HD 1080p image quality. With its wide angle of 1410 degrees, this camera sport has waterproof functionality. This allows it to withstand different splashes and showers. Its rechargeable lithium battery allows long-term use. It is possible to insert a memory card for more storage. This gift can be connected using a micro USB cable.

A gift that can be personalized according to your needs

Of CE gifts personalized for everyday use is the best strategic way to ensure the visibility of your business. Thus, you can put your logo on the shell of this device, but you can also choose between different colors adapted to your visual identity.

This sports camera, delivered with a waterproof case, is perfect for filming and photographing all your sports activities, even the most extreme. It will be ideal for all types of activities and easily fixable thanks to its complete fixing kit. Whether it's on your arm, handlebars or helmet, this camera will follow you everywhere and record your memorable sporting achievements. You will find tons of accessories in the contents of this pack, among which you will have exactly what you need.

This waterproof camera is waterproof up to 30 metres thanks to its sealed casing, allowing you to take both photos and videos with a resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels. This sports camera also has a 140° wide-angle lens so you can't miss a thing on your travels. In addition, its integrated microphone allows you to accompany your videos with optimal sound recording. Thanks to its digital stabiliser, you can film even when you're on the move, and the image will always be of high quality and more or less stable.

Composed of a 2-inch LCD screen, you will be able to view in real time the images you are filming or watch the photos and videos that you have just taken and recorded on the memory card. Indeed, this waterproof sports camera requires the addition of an external memory card and more exactly a micro SD card up to 32GB of capacity. All your films and photos will then be saved on this card so that you can watch them on your computer for example. Also equipped with a micro HDMI output, you will be able to watch all of your films and videos directly on your TV. Its internal battery is easily rechargeable thanks to its micro USB port. Simply plug the USB cable (supplied) directly into a computer, or into an AC adapter.

This mini camera also has a black box or dashcam mode. That is, the camera once attached to your dashboard will automatically record videos lasting 5 minutes. This will be very practical for filming beautiful landscapes on vacation but also to prove that you are not responsible in the event of a road accident.
This mini camera is a high-tech "must have" with unbeatable value for money!