Canned sundried tomatoes with unique truffles

Tasty and refined, this canned sundried tomato and truffle is the end of the year corporate gift not to be missed if you want to surprise you. During this wonderful time of year, share your joy and good humor by offering this exceptional Christmas business gift.

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Has your company had a great year? Don't forget to thank everyone who contributed with a nice and delicious company gift, starting with the employees, then the customers and the employees. For many reasons, this Dried Tomato Delight with Truffle is the perfect gift for your company. end of year corporate gift ideal.

A end of year gift very special      

Show your colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers and staff that you share the best moments with them. Give them this corporate gift to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve and the New Year with them. It's a great way to show your appreciation while wishing them a happy holiday. In addition, it's a high-quality corporate gift that's perfect for making a lasting impression.

A fabulous personalized corporate gift

If you want an original and totally unique corporate gift, look no further, because you've already found it. This toast The high quality toast is ideal for family meals and aperitifs with friends. You can spread this personalised corporate gift on your toast or enhance the taste of your fish dish by using it as a topping. Either way, your taste buds will be more than delighted with its exquisite flavours.

A company gift unique

Giving an unusual end-of-year gift is a way of showing that you have taken the time and care to select the best business gift. It is an attention that is not likely to leave the recipients indifferent. That's why we recommend this original and inexpensive business gift. And don't forget to personalise it with your logo to make it really stand out.

This product is ideal for spreading on toast for original toasts, either as an aperitif or to accompany a salad. It can also be used as a topping for fish.

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