Canned tuna with trendy Sichuan pepper

Delicious and exceptional dishes can be part of a corporate gift catalogue. For example, this tuna prepared with Sichuan pepper can become a classy Ce gift..  It is a product that has been elaborated with care and talent, in order to amaze the taste buds of those who will taste it.

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A canned seafood product is a fairly classic preparation. However, with a few subtleties such as the fashionable Sichuan pepper, it can become an excellent CE gift. Your company will be able to give it as a company gift for various occasions.

A surprisingly tasty CE gift

This jar of tuna is prepared by a great culinary specialist who has also added other trendy ingredients for a better taste. This is why this CE Gift will become a star among gourmets. It can indeed be spread as a festive aperitif, which will certainly delight the recipients of this sensational corporate gift. It is therefore a good CE gift idea to be distributed at the appropriate time.

An employee gift for the holidays

Holidays are a time to give gifts to important people, such as employees in a company. On these occasions, you can offer this product deli as an EC gift. It is very suitable as an employee gift, as it can be enjoyed with family or friends, thus allowing you to have a good time. You will be part of the party, as you will be remembered when you enjoy this personalised corporate gift.

A CE kdo as a thank you

Works councils work hard to improve the life of the organisation. They implement various strategies to develop the company and make it sustainable. To this end, you can thank them by offering them a nice company gift. A good idea for a company gift is this trendy sea product with an exquisite flavour. The people who get it will be grateful to you, and will be even more motivated to work.

Prepared from tuna, cream and herbs, this mixture is spiced up with Sichuan pepper: a spice borrowed from Chinese cuisine with a unique chilli and citrus flavour. On toast or in a glass, a sprig of chives on top and you're done!

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