HP 12.5-inch Ultrabook Case

To improve the reputation of your company, have you decided to offer a corporate gift to your professional partners? Choose this bag for HP Ultrabook. This corporate gift is a compact, stylish and practical accessory. Very original, this equipment will make you stand out from all your competitors.

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The corporate gift is an object of enormous interest to your company. It's a way to retain your customers and grab the attention of your prospects. It is also an opportunity to thank your partners. The corporate gift is also used to work on your brand image and especially to boost your marketing actions. 

Business gifts with a classy and modern style

This corporate gift is appreciated for its classy and modern design. Its rectangular shape gives it a sober appearance. It is very elegant and aesthetic. This personalized business gift is suitable for professional and personal use. You can use it when you take a business trip or go to the office. It is also suitable for transporting your device in the car, on vacation, etc.

High quality business gifts

This corporate gift is made with a strong material that guarantees its strength and durability. The inner part is soft and padded. These features can effectively protect your device from bumps and also scratches. Put in your bag, your device will not come into contact with metal like the keys. When dropped, this accessory absorbs the shock which prevents your device from breaking. It should be noted that this corporate gift is very light. It does not present any additional weight and does not clutter up spaces.

Practical business gifts

This corporate gift can be carried under the arm or in the hand, thanks to its handle. It is equipped with a zipper on the side, which allows easy access to your device. The exterior has an additional pocket to store your accessories like headphones, SD cards, etc. It should be noted that this tablet bag is suitable for HP Ultrabook, which screen size is 12.5 inch.

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