Cèpenade chilli espelette spread

Are you looking for the perfect corporate gift to give to customers, partners, suppliers and employees of your business this year? Why not opt for this Cèpenade with Espelette pepper to spread? It's a premium product, the kind of personalized corporate gift that everyone appeals to.

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In its wide range of business gifts Cadeaux Hightech recommends this product to you. personalized corporate gift if you want to offer something gourmet and chic at the same time. It's a great corporate gift to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve or any other special event with the people who contribute to your company's development.

A corporate gift of superior quality 

This personalised corporate gift is the fruit of the art of artisanal production in the Auvergne. Its quality is uncompromising, especially as the producer, Les Cèpenades, uses no preservatives or colouring agents. This is a 100% organic corporate gift that is suitable for everyone, men and women. Based on cep mushrooms and concocted in the manner of a tapenade, it is a personalised corporate gift that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

A personalized corporate gift accessible to everyone

Very often, the original corporate gifts are not given to all companies, but this one is definitely an exception. As you can see, the price is minimal. This year, you have the chance to limit the expenses since you have found the right cheap corporate gift here. Don't forget to add your logo or a text of your choice so that it really reflects your company.

A corporate gift tasty

As if the gourmet aromas and flavours of the cep were not enough, the producer of cèpenade The company has combined them with Espelette pepper. This refined condiment makes it possible to enjoy a perfectly spiced and delicious recipe. It is a real treat for mushroom lovers and enthusiasts, to spread on slices of toasted bread during an aperitif or to use as a sauce for a meat, pasta or rice dish.

Advice for use :

A real mushroom delight, spread on toast as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to meat, fish, rice or pasta.
To be served chilled

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