Gourmet Lozère Chestnut Honey

If honey has always been a quality food for its richness in nutrients, it has also become a very popular ingredient in modern cuisine. This product from the chestnut tree will therefore be well appreciated as a Personalized Customer Gift..  It can be a great end-of-year customer gift for your business.

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This gourmet Chestnut honey from Lozère will be a Personalized Customer Gift that will be a success. Its refined taste and original texture will make this customer gift a product apart. The recipients will be grateful to you and this will improve your future collaborations.

A customer gift for loyalty

This sweet with a particular variety and intense taste is a perfect customer gift to seduce your partners. Indeed, this Personalised Customer Gift can be eaten as is, or used as a luxury ingredient for refined preparations. In any case, the customers who will have it will be delighted by this present, and will be grateful to you. It will thus become a gift to build customer loyalty not to be omitted from your catalogue.

A Customised Customer Gift for your advertising

A personalised customer gift has more effect than a simple gift given in a global way. When you give a personalised customer gift, your name and image are attached to the product, and will reappear with each use. Your identity can also be seen by others besides your customer, as they can brag to them about receiving this beautiful and good gift. chestnut honey that you have offered in all sincerity.

A remarkable product among the end of year customer gift ideas

During the festive season, it is customary to give business gifts to various partners, whether clients, prospects or even employees. The products to be given can vary according to the nature or importance of the relationship, and this surprising sweet can be one of them. You can turn it into a classy corporate gift that will be very well received by the lucky recipients.

This chestnut honey has been selected by Maison Sauveterre from our small partner beekeepers in Lozere.

This variety of honey has the particularity of being dark and intense, and crystallises slowly in a rather irregular way. It is often used in gingerbread preparations, but can also be surprisingly good in sweet and savoury dishes.

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