Ballotins assorted dark and milk chocolates

An assortment of chocolates is a classic corporate gift, but always appreciated. In addition, if it is a Personalized Company Gift, and more than a present, conveys a message. This is why this box containing 12 assorted pieces is a business gift that will melt the hearts of your customers.

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This variety of dark and milk chocolates packaged in a beautiful box makes an effective corporate gift. It will appeal to your customers, especially when you offer it as a Personalized Corporate Gift. The recipient's attention will be focused on your activities, which will benefit your business.

A Quality Personalized Company Gift

This box containing a dozen various pieces such as a praline, a heart, a snail and others is not trivial. It is a high quality product which is well suited to be a Personalized Business Gift. All food lovers will be impressed by this personalized corporate gift that will allow you to savor several nuances of taste. It can therefore be part of your catalog of business gifts.

A perfect Christmas business gift

With the Christmas holidays, this chocolate box comes at the right time. This opportunity corresponds to a moment of sharing, and this product allows this process. Indeed, the contents of the box can be tasted with family or friends, which will broadcast your identity to several other people. The item is one of the corporate giveaways that will advertise you indirectly, but effectively.

A personalized corporate chocolate as a gift

A personalized corporate gift always has more impact than a simple anonymous present. You can therefore personalize this business gift for a client to attach it to your name. This can be done by printing a logo on the box, or by adding a small card with a small message. The fact that this product is linked to your identity will be favorable to you because gourmets will think of you when it comes time to savor it.

Arranged in a sober and chic box, bite-sized dark and milk chocolates are patiently waiting to be crunched. Different ganaches fill them for different taste sensations:

A dark chocolate puck with plain ganache
A milk chocolate puck with coffee ganache
A milk chocolate feuillantine praline
Dark chocolate hearts filled with coffee gianduja
A milk chocolate filled with crunchy gianduja, almonds and coconut
A chocolate filled with caramel
A milk chocolate filled with hazelnut praline
A milk chocolate snail
A milk chocolate filled with hazelnut praline with crispy cereals
Dark chocolate with marzipan and gianduja

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