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4 GB Twister USB stick

Opt for this Twister 4gb usb key as your business goodies. Its plastic and metal texture gives it a beautiful design that is suitable for an ideal promotional gift idea.

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The Twister 4 go usb key is an essential accessory, both in the professional environment and on a personal level. So offer a useful accessory like promotional gift to please your customers. What could be better than to offer an advertising object which is used daily and which is also at the forefront of technology?

A goodies that accompanies daily

The digitization of information has become commonplace these days. Papers are no longer used much for the transmission of data since exchanges take place through different digital media. It is in such a situation that the Twister 4 GB usb key intervenes. That's not a goodies futile, but a very practical object. By choosing this promotional item for your business, you can easily attract new prospects thanks to the visibility of your brand. You can mark the cap of this goodies with your company logo for more originality. By offering it to your prospects, you can be sure to always be present on a daily basis thanks to this good marketing strategy.

A high-tech advertising object

Having a digital storage medium has become a necessity these days, due to the great evolution of technology. This USB key advertising has a memory of 4 GB which can store several data and information. It also has a 2.0 port for optimum copy speed. Its compact size makes it an easy to carry and easy to store promotional item. In addition, with its cap, it is easily protected from dust and liquids that could damage it.

Easy to personalize advertising goodies

A personalized promotional item is a good way to set your advertising products apart from those of other companies. Indeed, you can put your company logo on the cap of this pub object and you can also choose from 14 colors for its plastic envelope.

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