Zipped A5 conference folder

Acquire an A5 Zipped speaker as a gift for the good performance of your works councils. Its classy and very practical design makes it an ideal corporate committee gift, as a thank you or for festive occasions.

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The gift this A5 Zipped speaker is a case that can easily carry documents of A5 size and less. It's ideal for carrying useful paperwork before a conference and even during small meetings. What could be better than giving a useful gift for your works council?

The perfect CE gift for your employees

The speaker, a useful accessory for the employees of your company. Indeed, its use is very practical for managers and team leaders. Indeed, taking notes during the various meetings is always important. You can therefore offer this gift not only to thank them for their performance, but also to make them more efficient in their work. This CE gift is in particular the accessory that will allow good management of the various instantaneous information that each employee must manage. In addition, it can also be personalized as desired.

A very practical works council gift

The gift this A5 zipped speaker is suitable for the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, and the interior has a rubber band which ensures the immobility of the device. It also comes with an A5 notebook with 30 pages. And finally, a pocket is available to store business cards and pencils to use. It is a gift to thank your employees for their performance and their attendance and it remains very practical for every professional.

A customizable corporate committee gift idea

To bring a personal touch to your speakers, you can put your company logo on the front side of the case. This personalized gift can set your employees apart from other companies who have also chosen this works council gift idea. In addition, it is also possible to choose a different color of the case, namely red, blue, green, yellow and pink.

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