Black faux leather speaker

It is customary to give office accessories as a corporate gift. Want to follow the trend? Bet on this faux leather speaker. This accessory, very useful to any bureaucrat, is the corporate customer gift par excellence.

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Want to make an impression with your personal corporate gift ? Then choose this speaker. Simple, practical, but with a neat design, it is an original corporate gift that will allow you to stand out from your competitors. What's more? The possibility of personalising it with a particular inscription of your choice.

A corporate gift for everyday use

If you don't want your corporate gift to end up on the bottom of the drawer, give a useful everyday object like this conference folder. This accessory, which has a pen loop and pockets for documents and notepads, will accompany the recipient everywhere. He or she will be able to take notes everywhere, both in the office and when travelling in the field. It is with this kind of original corporate giftThis is a very practical way to score points with your customers and employees.

An inexpensive, designer corporate gift

The corporate gift you offer should correspond to the image of your company. This is why you should give preference to quality business gifts such as this Ebony speaker. The imitation leather cover gives this conference folder an elegant and robust look. But that is not its only advantage. In addition to its neat design, this desk case will also appeal to you for its affordable price. By choosing such a cheap corporate gift, you are sure to respect the budget assigned to the corporate gift.

A customizable corporate gift

Would you like to offer a personalised corporate gift, specific to your organisation? You are making a wise choice by opting for this conference folder. With its generous dimensions, this desk accessory has enough space for the marking of your choice. Whether you want to embellish your gift with your logo, your company name or a special message, this is entirely possible on this speaker!

A4 Conference folder Ebony. Conference folder with pen loop, document pockets and 20-page lined notebook. Pen and accessories not included. Imitation leather.

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