Dark chocolate mendiants business gift

A little attention to your customers is never out of the question. Go for quality if you have decided to order sweets as a business gift for Christmas. The famous chocolate maker Bovetti has a nice surprise in store for you as a customer gift. Cadeaux Hightech is the specialised site that provides you with business gifts.

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A box of dark chocolate beggars is the Gift Business that awaits you! Hightech Gifts has selected the best confectionery for Christmas. Discover a creation signed Bovetti. This business gift reflects the know-how of the chocolate maker who revisits this traditional Christmas dessert in his own way.

A special confectionery as a token of appreciation Gift Business

The mendicant is a typical Christmas confection. Bovetti offers you a revisited version to give as a gift. gourmet business gift to your company's customers. The dark chocolate puck is covered with colourful dried fruits such as raisins, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, cranberries, apricots, etc. This Business Gift is packaged in an attractive transparent box with an original bow, like a gift package.

A business gift with a beautiful tradition

The number 13, which corresponds to the number of guests at the Last Supper, is also the number of desserts served after mass during a Provençal Christmas celebration. This tradition of religious origin features delicious delicacies to be shared with the family. Find one of these famous desserts in this box of dark chocolate beggars proposed by the artisan chocolate maker Bovetti. To be served at the end of a meal or at snack time, these delicious confections will make a great business gift for the end of the year period.

Successful business gifts

A business gift is a way of saying thank you to the customer and encouraging him to continue working with the company. This is where the business gift ritual comes in. It is always advisable to opt for personalised business gifts to highlight the company's image and to remind them of its existence. Opt for the option of adding a logo or a personalised message on Hightech Gifts. The mendiants come from the tradition, originally religious, of the 13 desserts of Provence. They were served to guests after mass. The desserts were 13 as the number of guests at the Last Supper, Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles. These beggars, beautifully packaged in gift boxes, will delight your guests at coffee time.

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