Virtual reality headset

In recent times, high-tech items have become a popular corporate gift. However, it must be attractive and alluring to satisfy its recipient. It is therefore essential to select it well. An interesting idea could be focused on this virtual reality headset. The latter is very trendy and will make an essential business gift.

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This accessory is an excellent corporate gift for your promotional campaigns or as a gift to give as a reward. It is a product that everyone could use in their daily life. Your employees or customers will certainly be delighted to receive such business gifts.

An unusual corporate gift

Know-how must be shown in the selection of a corporate gift if you want to make an impression. First of all, it is essential to define the target group and the occasion for the gift. Then, it is always important to define its function and the quantity of products needed. Then, it is necessary to determine its different characteristics. This is an accessory with anti blue light treatment and a universal validation button. Its advanced optical settings make it a high-performance object. It comes with a comfortable headband. This accessory has been designed specifically for the enjoyment of its recipient. Perfect for viewing photos and videos or playing video games in total comfort.

High-tech business gifts to seduce

The business world has found new ways to stay close to its customers or employees. This involves communicating with the object, especially high-tech models. Although other forms of media are more or less effective, nothing beats a high-tech corporate gift. The returns are more assured and the image it conveys is favourable to the company's reputation.

A personalised corporate gift for better visibility

If you want to keep your visibility high in the long term, consider giving a quality and durable personalised corporate gift. This virtual reality headset is a small, dynamic and stylish format with great performance. It is the ideal object that will make your customers or employees jump for joy. What's more, it can be perfectly customised to your taste.

Anti-blue light treatment : Yes

Validation button : Universal

Optical adjustments : Advanced

Comfort headband included : 271 g

Product height 120mm

Product width 105mm

Product length 200mm

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