Chocolate palet milk company gift

Discover this corporate gift, a delight concocted by the prestigious Maison Weiss. It's a plain ganache coated with milk chocolate that you can give as a business gift this year! Thank your employees, customers and collaborators by offering them this magnificent business gift.

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Looking for a business gift who stands out ? Hightech Gifts recommends this very special preparation from one of the oldest chocolate factories in France. It is a business gift that is both delicious and seductive. It will give stars in the eyes of the lucky recipients.

A company gift very greedy

Do you remember the flavours of whole milk that brightened your childhood? You will rediscover them in this exceptional business gift. The delicious plain ganache that has always made the reputation of the Weiss chocolate factory is judiciously coated with milk chocolate, Supreme Milk 38%. The combination of the smoothness of the ganache and the creaminess of the chocolate is a pure delight for the taste buds. This is the corporate gift to choose if your aim is to please your customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

A business gift accessible to everyone

If all the advantages of this customer gift are to be mentioned, the list promises to be long. But its mini price tag is especially worth mentioning. In general, premium personalised business gifts like this one cost companies a small fortune but as you can see, this softness decorated with 22-carat gold leaf is an exception. It is a business gift not to be missed if you want to enjoy value for money.

A business gift extraordinary

Pretty, appetising and extremely delicious, this business gift is truly out of the ordinary. Always looking for something new, the producer has managed to amaze us with this unique delicacy. It is a corporate gift that is suitable for the whole family. Both young and old will enjoy it. Don't forget to add your logo so that your nice gesture is remembered. This chocolate will appeal to milk chocolate lovers and those who want to rediscover the flavours of whole milk from their childhood.

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