Duck crème brûlée corporate gift

Cooks are constantly on the lookout for innovative and surprising recipes. This is the case for this crème brûlée with foie gras which can be used as a Business Gift..  It will be a business gift that will make an impression, especially with this improbable mixture, which is however wonderfully succulent.

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Although crème brûlée is usually served as a dessert, and foie gras as a starter or aperitif, the two can also be mixed. This preparation, which comes in a 40 g tin, can be used as a Gift Business. It will thus be a surprising company gift that will delight the recipients.

A much sought-after business gift

To find this recipe that combines foie gras and crème brûlée with a touch of balsamic vinegar and figs, you have to be bold. However, the resulting dish has a very subtle sweet and sour flavour, making it a perfect addition to your business gift list. Your partners will not be disappointed with this business gift, which will demonstrate your great attention to them.

A Business Gift for special partners

A corporate gift is usually offered for various types of partners, such as customers, prospects or employees. However, because of the unique taste of this Business Gift, you can reserve it for special partners. It could therefore be used as a customer gift after the signing of a contract, or as a business gift when a customer places a large order. In any case, the recipients will surely be happy.

A business gift with a reference to your brand

To ensure that the partners who receive this business gift remember your company, you can add a reference to the product. Your logo or a special message can be put on the product label. This way, your partners will have personalised business gifts, and will remember you when they open them. Note that this cream burnt can be enjoyed as a festive aperitif, with several people discussing it, and you too, by the way.

Tasting advice :

After removing the lid, reheat your crème brûlée for 7 minutes in the oven at 180°c and serve warm, accompanied by grilled gingerbread. For a touch of madness, you can also serve this crème brûlée with a green apple espuma for a tangy result.

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