Multicolored trendy pasta company gift

This is a perfectly original business gift, highly recommended for any company that wants to offer the best to its employees, customers and staff. These trendy, multi-coloured pastes are the ideal business gift to show your gratitude to the people who are loyal to your company.

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From personalised business gifts not to be missed this year, there is this Italian product of flawless quality. It is an excellent business gift to offer for the end of the year, the inauguration, the anniversary of your company or another special event. This is a company gift that stands out from the rest.

A business gift High quality  

This multi-coloured pasta gift case is a premium product from the prestigious Italian company, Zanier. It is coloured with natural ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot, spinach, squid ink and paprika. So despite its fancy appearance, this corporate gift is an organic and healthy product made from durum wheat semolina. It contains no additives.

A business gift for the whole family

It's a colourful customer gift that both young and old will appreciate. And if there's one dish that makes everyone agree at the table, it's pasta. The various colours of these paper clips are already a real eye-catcher. Children will love it, parents and young people will love it too. Give your customers, employees and collaborators the opportunity to share a moment of happiness with their family thanks to this first-class business gift.

A business gift exceptional

For an original business gift, this one really has everything to amaze. The twisted shape of these Italian pasta It is also clever because it holds the sauce in place. It's also clever because it helps to retain the sauce. If your main aim is to give a nice and unusual corporate gift, you have come to the right place. What's more, Hightech Gifts offers you the opportunity to personalise it with your logo so that it reflects your brand.

Coloured exclusively with natural substances (turmeric, beetroot, spinach, squid ink, paprika) and prepared simply from durum wheat semolina, without any additives, they are a real treat for the eyes and the taste buds!

Their original twisted shape is more than pleasant and allows the sauce to be well retained (ideal for gourmets!).

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