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It's already Christmas on Hightech Gifts, luxury business gifts are offered at great prices. For an authentic and gourmet business gift, choose this box of chocolate pearls with almonds. It is a first choice business gift that we recommend to any company wishing to pleasantly surprise its customers and employees.

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The end of the year is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation to your customers, employees, partners and suppliers by offering them the most beautiful business gift. This year, opt for quality and originality, and choose this business gift cocoa from the famous Weiss brand.

A company gift very refined

This is a delicious business gift to share with the people who trust your company. It is a Weiss product to be enjoyed in a good mood and with great joy. The French manufacturer has selected the best almonds from the continent, Valencia almonds from Spain and top quality cocoa beans for this unique customer gift. The business gift personalized is an excellent combination of crunchy and melting, a pure delight for all palates.

A delicious business gift for the family

Here you have a business gift treat that stands out from the rest. The Valencia almonds are delicately roasted and caramelised in a cauldron before being coated in chocolate. It's a crunchy and creamy treat at the same time. Your consumers, employees and collaborators will enjoy it with their loved ones. Their children will be seduced by the shape and taste of each cocoa bead. Not to mention the slightly vanilla-like aroma of the treat, which transports the family to an exotic destination.

A business gift customizable

Hightech Gifts, the professional in the sale of high quality personalised business gifts, offers you the opportunity to put your logo on this beautiful almond beads box signed by Weiss. This way, when the recipients see the business gift, they will remember your company and your wonderful gesture. And there is a good chance that they will keep the beautiful packaging as a souvenir.

Price displayed for a 75G box.

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