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46 sweets, 17 different varieties and orangettes, that's what you'll find in this lovely box of dark, milk, ganache and praline chocolates. If you're looking for the perfect business gift, this one won't disappoint. Finding a zero-defect business gift is no easy task for any company, but with this luxurious box of treats, you can't go wrong.

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High Tech Gifts, one of the leaders in personalised business giftsWeiss recommends this assortment of chocolates to surprise your clients and customers. collaborators. To celebrate the end of the year or another special event, it is the business gift the kind of company gift that shows you care about the recipients.

A business gift very elegant

Long before you taste the delights contained in this top brand cocoa confectionery box, you will be captivated by the unparalleled class of its packaging. The soft colours and the beautiful ribbon that decorates it with elegance are already a real feast for the eyes. It is a business gift that will put stars in the eyes of your customers, partners, suppliers and service providers. This box is one of those luxury business gifts that make those who receive it dream.

A business gift deliciously refined

Weiss surprises us once again with this sumptuous collection of its finest gourmet creations. This business gift brings together the best flavours of the brand. Between sweetness, creaminess, roundness and intensity, there is everything to please all tastes. Each of the sweets in this box Each one has its own particular taste, but they are all very delicious. This corporate gift has something for every palate.

A business gift for the whole family

With these 46 prestigious delicacies, everyone is sure to find something to their liking. It is a customer gift that can be shared with the family. Children will probably choose the milk chocolates, while older children will be tempted by the more intense versions that recall the true taste of dark gold. Ganaches and pralines, on the other hand, will appeal to everyone.


46 sweets, 17 different varieties + orangettes

4 Rocher lait, 2 Palet or noir, 2 Nougat lait, 2 Caramel tendre, 4 Praliné amandine, 5 Caprice lait, 4 Caraque lait, 5 Caraque noir, 5 Fedorah, 5 Rocher noir, 1 Vanille, 1 Miel noix, 2 Ganache framboise, 1 Ganache café nue, 2 Passion, 1 Framboisine, 1 Nougat noir, Orangette

Price displayed for a 500G box.

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