Cévènnes artisanal chestnut cream

Celebrate the end of the year holidays with your employees in a good mood! We therefore suggest that you offer them this corporate committee gift that is both delicious and authentic. Share your joy with your colleagues by offering them this jar of Cévennes chestnut cream as a Christmas employee gift.

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For works councils looking for an excellent employee gift idea, we suggest this high-quality handmade product. With a corporate committee gift so tasty, you can only please the staff of your company. It is also an effective way of thanking employees.

A kdo CE of absolute authenticity

This chestnut cream is produced with the best fruits from a Cévennes micro-production. It is by following a traditional artisan recipe that Danielle and Joseph have developed this corporate committee gift sweetened with cane sugar and flavored with Reunion vanilla. The flavors of the first choice pellegrine chestnuts and figarettes are very dominant, just enhanced by the sugar and vanilla. It's a CE gift which guarantees a successful return to the roots with a subtle exotic note.

A works council gift surprising

This employee gift seduces by its simplicity, which is what makes all its charm. Behind this classically designed pot hides a real delight that can be enjoyed with the family. You can spread your slices of toast and pancakes with it for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. This personalized CE gift can also be enjoyed with a spoon for the most greedy. Moreover, it can enhance the taste of your pastries. It is a real treasure not to be missed.

A cheap corporate committee gift

This company committee gift has another advantage that will certainly appeal to you. It is a small price that is accessible to all works councils. If you want to take advantage of a good price-quality ratio, opt for this Chestnut cream. In addition, Hightech Gifts offers you the possibility to personalize it with your logo or a small thank you text for the attention of your work colleagues.

Danielle and Joseph simply add cane sugar and real Reunion Island vanilla to it for an incomparable result where the sugar does not dominate the fruit and the texture delights the palate.

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