Panasonic DVD Recorder DMP-BDT570

Are you looking for a corporate gift to give to your social actors for festive occasions? We suggest you opt for this Panasonic DMP BDT570 DVD recorder. It is the perfect choice as a corporate gift, both in value and in quality. It can easily delight your business partners and customers.

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It makes sense to opt for a luxury corporate gift which will always satisfy your social actors. This will help improve the prestige and notoriety of your business. This article will therefore meet your needs, especially since it is a very useful daily device.

A useful corporate gift for its user

The Panasonic DMP BDT570 DVD Recorder is a very good choice as a high tech business gift. It is a practical article for the daily life of its user. Along with the professional routine, it is always appreciated to have a source of entertainment at home. This corporate gift for employee is therefore ideal and it is also suitable for your customers. Moreover, if you need to offer business gifts, this device is also a very good choice. Its great value and classy design will be worthy of your image and your prestige.

A designer corporate gift with interesting features

This reader dvd recorder is a gift for companies at the cutting edge of technology. It has the 4K Upscaling function to provide the best possible image resolution. So you can watch movies on the big screen with a truly natural effect. This gift for business allows you to connect to the internet thanks to its connected platform. It is therefore easy to surf while being comfortably installed on the sofa. This product can also connect to other devices for viewing photos and videos such as with computers and smartphones.

A customizable corporate gift

A personalized corporate gift is always better than a dull and lifeless corporate gift. By putting your company logo on the visible part, you can add a touch of cheerfulness to this item. Thus personalized, this device can serve as an ambassador for your brand.

Equipped with 3D technology, now watch your 3D Bluray on your player while retaining the possibility of also watching your 2D DVDs in 3D quality with 2D / 3D conversion.
In order to customise your 3D effects, an adjustment of the splash effect and the depth of your 3D image is necessary and possible from the adjustment menu.
Miracast allows you to transmit images from your mobile device to your TV screen if your TV does not.
Built-in WiFi allows you to easily connect to the network so that you can access applications and the internet through internet browsers.

Sound characteristics
High quality sound is streamed from the BDT570EG with the High Clarity Sound function which blocks signals transmitted over HDMI intended for video so that the clarity of the audio signals is preserved. In addition, the dual HDMI present makes it possible to separate the signals and retransmit them to guarantee the quality of the audio signal.
In addition, with the 32-bit 192 Hz DAC 4, the reproduced sound develops a rich, delicate and powerful sound.

Don't wait for your player to start, with the quick start mode, everything is instantaneous!
Make your life easier... Equipped with HDMI CEC (Viera Link), the player's remote control allows you to control all devices connected to it by HDMI cable and compatible with Viera.
You'll also find a stylish menu-driven interface and an elegant home screen.

Audio system
It is supported by Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS HD Master Audio and High Resolution Audio decoders and is compatible with FLAC, WAV, ALAC and DSD (DFF, DSF) formats

Equipped with a USB 2.0 port, you can directly plug in a USB stick or hard drive and instantly enjoy your digital content. The formats supported by this player are WAV, WMA, AAC, MP3, MP4, FLAC, XVID, MKV, AVCHD, ALAC and DSD.
It also has two HDMI outputs, analogue audio output, optical and coaxial digital audio output, and a LAN (Ethernet) port for internet applications, DLNA, BD-Live TM*9 and updates.
The analogue audio output allows the connection of a wider range of devices with optimal quality.

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