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Panasonic full HD DVD recorder

Do you want to give a corporate gift to your customers, partners and employees? Are you struggling to find the right choice to satisfy them? We have what is best for you like this Panasonic Full HD DVD Recorder. It's a good business gift idea that will always delight its users.

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It makes sense to offer a business woman gift which can always satisfy its recipient. For this, this article will be a very good choice for all occasions, without exception. Its usefulness and practicality make it a very good business gift. Don't forget to personalize it with your logo.

A corporate gift for everyday entertainment

Nowadays, the various tasks in business are done more and more. As a result, moments of rest and entertainment are rare, if not almost non-existent. A corporate gift to have fun at home will therefore be welcome for everyone. This Panasonic Full HD DVD recorder is therefore the ideal corporate gift idea to give to your social actors. Whether as corporate gift for client or for employees, this article will always do the trick. It is also suitable as business gifts to thank your employees and partners.

A company gift at the cutting edge of technology

This reader dvd recorder has several interesting features. First of all, this gift for business provides the best image qualities with Blu-ray 4K technology. The rendering is really natural and comes close to reality. The same goes for the sound quality. Each passing image will therefore be viewed with great precision on the details. And to top it off, it is possible to access various online content through web applications which is very convenient to avoid using other devices.

A customizable corporate gift in the image of your company

Are you tempted by a personalized business gift? You can actually put your company logo on this company gift. It will be a great way to make it more original and stand out from the competition.

Also enjoy high quality sound with this player. Thus, the 4 192 kHz / 32-bit DACs supporting high-resolution audio signals produce delicate sounds offering rich musical tones, including in vocal performance reproduction. In addition, two HDMI terminals separate and transmit video and audio signals to ensure superior sound quality.

With VIERA Link, you can operate this player and your PANASONIC VIERA TV with one remote control. Just connect the device and the TV with an HDMI cable.