ProMedic electric toothbrush

For these end-of-year celebrations, you don't know what to offer to please your customers? Mark their minds with this electric toothbrush! This promotional item will showcase your business. This accessory has unparalleled characteristics that make it efficient and practical!

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The choice of marketing objects should not be done lightly. Why? Because these promotional gifts have important roles to play in the development of your company. Considered as communication and marketing tools, they improve and perpetuate your professional relations. They also boost your visibility. 

Highly effective goodies

This object advertising is a real eye-opener for oral health. It is equipped with a macro-oscillator and ultrasound that act simultaneously. This effectively removes bacterial plaque. This system is also essential for gum care. Note that this personalised promotional item has two brushing levels. The gentle mode is ideal for sensitive teeth. The intense mode is suitable for a powerful cleaning. Without the use of chemicals, you will regain the whiteness of your teeth thanks to this accessory. Unlike manual equipment, it reduces gum bleeding and gingivitis. It also reduces tooth sensitivity and promotes the regeneration of dental tissue.

Easy-to-handle goodies

This electric toothbrush ProMedic is practical and easy to use. With its ergonomic shape, it is easy to hold. This makes dental cleaning easier. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is supplied with a travel case and a charger. This personalised promotional item is ideal for children, adults and the elderly. It can brush teeth effortlessly.

Goodies to personalise at will

This corporate gift can be personalised according to your wishes. Improve the visibility of your company by engraving your logo and slogan. Wish your customers a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year with a personal message!

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