Black bluetooth electronic scale

Are you looking for a high tech goodies idea? Purchase this black Bluetooth electronic scale. It is an advertising object / goodies at the cutting edge of technology that will satisfy your customers on all points. Its modern design and functionality are its great strengths.

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The black Bluetooth electronic scale is suitable for different uses and is not limited to weighing a person. Indeed, it is a marketing object which can bear the weight of various objects. What could be better than offering a useful advertising item to its customers?

An advertising gift that can be used daily

The black Bluetooth electronic scale is a promotional item / goodies that can be used to weigh people as well as objects. Therefore, this promotional gift will be used fairly regularly by your customers and they will easily remember your business. In addition, it is an advertising object that can be used in different fields, not only in the commercial world, but also in the medical world and finally in everyday life. You can offer this advertising product to promote a new line of your company or to reward the long-standing loyalty of some of your customers.

An advertising object with highly developed features

This advertising product does have several interesting features. If it is used as weigh person, it can give in no time the weight of the person, the rate of fat, the level of water percentage, the bone mass and the muscle mass, the calorie needs and finally, the BMI of each individual. Its greatest interest lies in its Bluetooth functionality. This promotional goodies can directly send the bodily results via Bluetooth to your Smartphone. And it can be done through a free app that you can download from Google Play and Apple Store.

A customizable corporate gift object

Opt for this personalized advertising object to bring a touch of originality to your goodies. Indeed, you can put your company logo on the front surface of the advertising object to give it a personal touch. This will easily increase the visibility of your business name in the eyes of those around your customers.

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