Fuchsia pink slim electronic scale

Do you want to give business gifts to your employees? Opt for this slim fuchsia pink bathroom scale. Its design and color are particularly suitable for business men and women who take care of their appearance and their home. It is therefore an ideal corporate gift for both women and men.

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The business gifts are often seen as something frivolous, just as a thank you. But it is also possible to give a business gift that can be used in the daily life of the user, even outside of the professional context.

A business gift that is suitable for a variety of uses

The slim fuchsia pink bathroom scale is an ideal tool for various uses. First of all, it can be used to weigh a person, but also objects or food. It is therefore suitable for household use in a home. You can also give it as a thank you gift to your employees and business partners. But you can also offer it as a gift customerto thank your customers for their loyalty. Moreover, you will not have to commit a lot of budget since its price is really not high. Also, it does not constrain your ordinary and extraordinary expenses.

A company gift at the cutting edge of technology

As this weigh person slim fuchsia pink is suitable for a variety of uses, its practicality is at its best. It can support a maximum weight of 150 kg in 100 gram increments. The tray is made of very strong glass with four highly sensitive sensors for accurate weight measurement. And to top it all off, this corporate gift is equipped with an 18 mm wide digital display with an extra slim design.

A customisable business gift

For a little more originality, opt for personalised business gifts. You can actually add your company logo or corporate name to the tray, to make your business gift more personal. This way, it will bear the sign of your company to remind your employees of your existence.

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