Babyliss ladygliss electric epilator

Are you concerned about building customer loyalty? You want to put your old ways aside and take on a new lease of life to strengthen and improve your customer relationships. Give them a CE gift that meets their needs and is cheap for your company and choose the best employee gift that has good value for money.

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Take advantage of the Christmas party to offer your customers the high tech christmas gift they deserve like this Babyliss ladygliss electric epilator. Efficient and easy to use, this Christmas employee gift will show your gratitude to your customers and form a relationship of trust between you.

A design company committee gift

If you are looking for a modern personalized CE gift. Choose this Babyliss ladygliss electric epilator. With this gift committee company With a compact and totally feminine design with its pink color and rounded shape, you will spoil your clients and make them want to take care of their body. This device has a very comfortable grip in the hand and which allows for perfect hair removal without flaw.

A high-performance corporate committee gift at the cutting edge of precision

TheBabyliss ladygliss electric epilator is one of the effective gifts for works councils which enhance the image of a company. Indeed, this employee gift is a dual-speed device with a dual-blade head that delicately epilates and effectively cleans an area covered with hair. These blades work very precisely allowing to draw perfectly all kinds of contours. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and areas that are difficult to reach.

A practical and hygienic employee gift idea

If you want your partners and collaborators to constantly remember your business, don't forget to offer them an easy-to-use and accessible CE kdo at all times just like this template. This device is indeed portable and your customers or employees will be able to carry it constantly in their bags. It also has a battery life of 30 minutes, the time needed to do a complete hair removal. It is also easy to maintain, as it can be washed with water after each use.

Compact design : optimal grip: practical hair removal and pleasant touch

Shaving head : double preparation blade for a soft touch

Bikini trimmer : precision blade for drawing sharp and precise contours

Rechargeable : use with or without wire

Removable head, washable with water : Maximum hygiene


30 min autonomy / 16 hours charge

1 bikini cutting guide

Leg speed and bikini / armpit speed

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