Calor silence soft 2 electric epilator

You wanted to start this new year in a special way. You want to get closer to your employees and your customers. With this influential advertising giveaway, you will also gain a lot of benefits and more notoriety than before.

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If you want to stand out in your advertising and in your method of customer loyalty, put aside the promotional gifts that do not enhance the image of your company and choose a useful high tech object more suited to your targets and more functional like this special gadget. In addition, it is inexpensive and fits well into any business budget.

A high-end corporate promotional gift

If you want to give importance to your partners and collaborators, offer them a pub object top of the line just like this Calor silence soft 2 electric epilator. This company gadget is an effective device that allows complete and perfect epilation of hairy areas of the body. It is equipped with high precision technology and 24 tweezers at its head and offers speed and epilation to the base of the hairs. This product is safe and is designed for all skin types.

A powerful corporate gift gadget

TheCalor silence soft 2 electric epilator is one of the Goodies that all women need. If you don't yet have an idea for an advertising object, offer this high-performance technological gem to your customers. Thanks to its silent and painless nature, its recipient will take each hair removal session as child's play and will have a great pleasure to start again at any time. It therefore provides maximum well-being to its user. Its biggest advantage is that it can be used to gently depilate the facial area.

A practical business object

If your business wants to offer a practical advertising item, you won't be disappointed with this model. Indeed, this product is very practical. It is portable and can be stowed in any bag. It is also easy to use and easy to maintain. For its maintenance, you just have to wash its removable head after each use and dry it with my brush that comes with it.

Pain killer :
Its massage balls reduce skin sensitivity and are directly integrated into the epilation head.

Facial hair removal accessory :
The facial accessory allows convenient and effective hair removal from the root on all areas of your face.
Inspired by the threading method, this hair removal system will revolutionize your habits!

Cleaning :
The removable head can be cleaned directly under water and a cleaning brush (supplied) is used to complete the cleaning.

Take it everywhere on the go with the included storage kit.

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