Gray metal nose epilator

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Opt for this metal gray nose epilator to satisfy your works councils. This employee gift is in particular a tool that is both useful and hygienic. Although it is not in the professional context, its design is still very classy.

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Although not everyone performs nasal hair removal, this corporate committee gift idea is still useful for some people and in some cases. What could be better than offering an original company committee gift, which can be used at any time?

A very practical works council gift idea

Nasal hair removal is sometimes neglected by some people. In some people, the abundance of this hair leads to a poor performance of the sense of smell and can cause disgust in the person who notices it. The same applies to ear hair. This gift THIS is therefore a good idea in such a situation. It should be noted that this is a company gift that is not really part of the company's business context. But it is still useful to ensure good health. You can also add a touch of personalisation to your grey metal nose epilator.

An ergonomic and practical employee gift

This collaborative gift has a stainless steel head to prevent rust, which can cause disease. It is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Some parts of the body of theepilator electric The grey metal noses are made of rubber to give a soft touch. For added hygiene, a cover is included to protect the head of the device. This CE gift works with one 1.5 V AA battery.

A works council gift that you can personalise

If you like originality, opt for a personalised ce gift. You can put your company logo on the body of the device, so that your ce gifts stand out from those of other companies. In addition, you can choose other colours to match your logo: green, red, blue, black and white.

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