Subtle vanilla tablet case gift

Offer your customers an unforgettable taste journey by choosing this white chocolate bar 29% with island vanilla as an end of year customer gift. Made by the famous Weiss company, this customer gift is a sure bet!

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Showing your appreciation to the people who often buy your products or services is essential if you want to keep them coming back. This year, focus on softness and escape and opt for this tender customer gift. To share joy and good humour with your customers, choose this exceptional Christmas customer gift.

A customer gift exotic

Who doesn't dream of going on holiday to an island paradise to end the year in style? Help your customers make this wish come true by giving them this white chocolate bar with island vanilla. Just the name of this customer gift already brings to mind a sumptuous destination. But the journey only really begins when you smell the intoxicatingly exotic aromas of the customer gift. It is as if you are in a pure place where the beauty of nature is still intact.

A company gift tasteful

The journey is not over and the best is yet to come. To enjoy it, you must continue with the tasting of this original and authentic customer gift. You will discover or rediscover the fragrance of these dream destinations bordered by the turquoise sea, where the sweetness of life reigns supreme. The softness of white chocolate is enhanced by the soothing aromas and flavours of bourbon vanilla. With such a delicious personalised customer gift, young and old alike will be delighted.

A customer gift extraordinary

Few business gifts have the ability to transport recipients to a perfect world where everything is calm and wonderful. But this is the case with this inexpensive corporate gift to give to clients at Christmas time. Moreover, Hightech Gifts gives you the possibility to personalise this vanilla bar A subtle logo or a nice thank you text, so that your buyers remember your brand when they taste it. Sold in a ready-to-sell pack of 10 x 100g bars.

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