Customer gift box 9 tablets

Discover this extraordinary chocotèque signed Weiss, which brings together all the essential sweets of the great manufacturer. Giving it as a business gift is a mark of attention that will not go unnoticed. If you are looking for the perfect business gift, this reputable 9-bar set is what you need.

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Do you really want to please your customers, employees and collaborators on the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, the inauguration or the anniversary of your company? Offer them the most beautiful and impressive of all luxury business gifts by opting for this exceptional collection. It is the business gift ideal in every respect.

A very nice business gift

Admire the elegant packaging of this exceptional corporate gift. It's a pretty parma and black ballotin decorated with a parma ribbon. The variety of shimmering colours of the chocolates gives the box a very festive look. This business gift will put the recipients directly in the holiday mood. The chocotèque is a real flurry of sweets to share with all those people who place their trust and loyalty in your company. They will be captivated by this personalised business gift at first sight.

A company gift extremely greedy

All of Weiss' iconic creations are brought together in this beautiful customer gift box of 9 tablets. From Ebène 72% to Citron Frappé 29%, Acarigua 70%, Ibaria 67%, Ceïba 64%, Lait Entier 37%, Plaisir Sésame 35% and Caramelatte Fleur de Sel de Guérande 35%, there is everything to delight dark, white and milk chocolate lovers. This is a zero defect business gift that Cadeaux Hightech, the specialist in personalised business gifts, is offering you at an advantageous price.

A business gift for all families

The 9 chocolate bars that Weiss has packaged in this beautiful business gift package are effective in delighting everyone. It's a collection of treats that can be shared with loved ones. Children will probably prefer the milky versions, while grown-ups will enjoy the powerful and deliciously bitter delights with pure cocoa bean flavours.

The chocolate library is presented in a parma and dark box decorated with a parma ribbon. A collection of 9 bars of 100gr of dark, milk and white chocolate for a pleasure to share.

The chocolate library contains :

Caramelatte Fleur de Sel de Guérande 35%,
Lemon Frappé 29%,
Whole Milk 37%,
Ibaria 67%,
Red Kiss,
Sesame Pleasure 35%,
Acarigua 70%,
Ceïba 64%,
Ebony 72%

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