Raspberry stick box customer gift

We present to you this customer gift boxed raspberry cream stick, a high quality product from the Weiss brand. It is the preferred business gift for any company wishing to bet on originality. Give a gourmet souvenir to your customers and employees with this completely unusual business gift.

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Aesthetic, exquisite and authentic, this business gift has everything to please. For the end of the year or any other special event in your company, share your joy and good humour with your partners, suppliers, employees and customers by opting for the most beautiful and tasty business gift.

A business gift exceptionally delicious

One of France's leading chocolate companies, the house of Weiss, impresses us once again with these raspberry and dark chocolate cream sticks. In short, this corporate gift is the result of a daring and judicious combination of two totally different ingredients. Every palate will be pleasantly surprised by this beautiful combination of fruitiness and intensity. This is the business gift perfect for making recipients dream.

A business gift attractive

Admire this magnificent resealable pouch containing 5 beautiful and extraordinary gourmet sticks. Very practical and transportable, your clients and employees will appreciate this branded business gift. The design of the box is extremely attractive and the sweets are just as beautiful. What's more, their red colour puts you in the mood for Christmas. With this prestigious business gift that stands out from all the others, you are guaranteed to impress and delight all those people who trust your company and contribute to its development.

A company gift for the family

Thanks to this business gift, children will be delighted to taste the most delicious of snacks. For their part, the grown-ups will delight in this astonishing mixture of tastes and aromas, which is certainly improbable, but which has been perfectly achieved by the great chocolate maker. So that they remember your gesture for a long time, your specialist in top-of-the-range personalised business gifts allows you to affix your logo to the pouch. A resealable pouch of 5 sticks, very practical to carry. The cream sticks are sold in boxes of 20 packs.

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