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Bluetooth pregnant employee gift

Treat your employees, give them a state-of-the-art CE gift like this Bluetooth speaker. Manufactured according to European standards, it will meet the expectations of the most demanding. It's the kind of coworker gift that's sure to please everyone.

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The CE gift ideal is a gift that your employees and collaborators will enjoy using on a daily basis. Running out of ideas? Think of this Bluetooth speaker. This technological jewel will be perfect as a gift to thank employees. You can even print the personalized message that you want to send to the employee.

Bluetooth speaker, a state-of-the-art CE gift

Do you want to establish your reputation as a modern and innovative company? It is a wise choice to offer this Bluetooth speaker as a CE gift. This wireless gadget can sync with most of today's mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Its range is 10 meters. Thanks to its powerful battery, it has an autonomy of 2 to 3 hours. This accessory will accompany your employees wherever they go. It is with this kind of corporate committee gift that you will manage to maintain good relations between you and your various collaborators.

Choose aesthetic collaborator gifts

Our works council gifts catalog is full of high-tech gadgets to give as personalized CE gifts. But as long as you choose, why not opt for this bluetooth speaker. It is not only practical, it is also very aesthetic. Its design with clean lines gives it an elegant side. It is available in black, blue, green, or even red. It's up to you to choose the color that best matches your company's image.

Offer personalized works council gifts

The most mundane gadget becomes a one-of-a-kind CE gift after personalization. Imagine the repercussions that this gift for works councils will have once you have printed a personalized message for the recipient. This little attention will make all the difference and will make your CE gift a precious object that your employee will enjoy displaying for all to see.

bluetooth 3.0 version, coupling with phones, bluetooth mp3 player, tablets etc… and also connectable to other devices via a 3.5 mm connection port (cable length: approx. 50 cm), micro SD card port, mp3 player, hands-free function, maximum range: approx. 10 m, powerful battery, capacity: 300 mAh, USB charger with connection for micro USB (length: approx. 50 cm; included), operating time: 2-3 h, charging time: approx. 1 hour, buttons located above, sockets on the back of the device, non-slip tips, colored and rubber casing.

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